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Peeta's leg wound in movie vs book. the books are always 100 times better, plus in the book they amputated his leg, but in the movie they ignored that VERY IMPORTANT DETAIL !

"Cinna has turned me into a Mockingjay." - Katniss in Catching Fire. Hunger Games

"Cinna has turned me into a Mockingjay." - Katniss in Catching Fire. Hunger Games I am at this part in the book ! ~I love Snow's face he see's this in the movie.

The Dystopian Timeline to The Hunger Games: Dystopian Books Again Seize Power

Dystopian books seize power / from "Young adult fiction - 6 most interesting infographics and charts" last year I got to do an entire paper on the evolution and popularity of dystopian fiction.

LOVE changed the game....Hunger Games shirt.

LOVE changed the game. hunger games shirt, so cute! And I love the hunger games too :D

Allies //Catching Fire // Hunger Games

I haven't watched a lot of movies recently, but I couldn't miss this one. I read the books(which were amazing btw.) and the movie is just breath-taking and I can proudly say that, this movie is as good as the book ! Love it !

Katniss Everdeen Catching Fire Hunger Games | Fashion World

Jennifer Lawrence Covers 'Variety' for 'Catching Fire' Release!: Photo Jennifer Lawrence is featured on the cover of Variety's latest issue alongside her The Hunger Games: Catching Fire director Francis Lawrence and the film's producer…

dexterousisters: Bake a Mug

dexterousisters: Bake a Mug Love this saying! (Creative Baking Sharpie Mugs)


-"What do you think is te best solution to overpopulation? Support your argument with examples" -"The Hunger Games" -President Snow, the early years.

Hunger Games PSAs

The devilishly clever humorists at College Humor inspire Hunger Games participation and support with a series of propaganda posters promoting the fight to the death competition. Via College Humor. Read a book.