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25 Youngest Presidential Candidates for 2016

Who are the hopefuls for the 2016 Presidential race? Who will attempt to take on the world post Obama? The next President elect will take on everything Obama has accomplished, and everything Obama has not. The controversies will be many in the next three years, so who out there wants to shoulder them next?

25 Youngest Presidential Candidates for 2016

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Who will be the next President?

U.S. REPRESENTATIVE FROM MICHIGAN (AGE 33): Justin Amash is the youngest member of the 2013 Republican freshmen class. He's an advocate for smaller government, individual freedom, and fiscal discipline. He consistently votes along side his principles, and isn't afraid to vote against his party.

MAYOR OF SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS (AGE 38): Julian Castro has argued that the growing number of Hispanic voters in Texas will make the state competitive for Democrats. However, there are growing sentiments that with the right candidate, the state could turn blue in 2016. And the candidate is none other than Mayor Castro himself. His keynote address at the 2012 Democratic National Convention received rave reviews, reinforcing the belief of many that 2016 may not be so farfetched after all.

  • Fred Martinez
    Fred Martinez

    He's still got some maturing to do. He's not ready to play with the "Big boys"

U.S. SENATOR CONNECTICUT (AGE 39): Chris Murphy is currently the youngest member of Congress (113th United States Congress), he is one of the brightest stars of the Democratic Party. If his proposed Supreme Court Transparency and Disclosure Act of 2011 - which seeks to establish procedures for the recusal of Supreme Court Justices - passes the Senate, we can pretty much strike off the “one of” and crown him as the brightest the party has to offer.

ACTOR/DIRECTOR/HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST (AGE 40): On top of rumors circulating back in 2012 of Mr. Ben Affleck taking John Kerry's Senate seat, he also comes in swinging with a humble middle class background, a rags-to-riches story, and a rather clean slate. He also has become an activist for taking on the Eastern Congo Initiative. It's not a matter of "if", but "when" will Mr. Affleck dive into politics.

GOVERNOR OF SOUTH CAROLINE (AGE 41): Nikki Haley was quickly selected as the Chairman of the Freshman Caucus, and a few months later, became Secretary of the Medical, Military, Public and Municipal Affairs Committee. The following year, Rep. Nikki was announced as the Majority Whip for the state’s House Republican Caucus. After serving three terms she announced her run for Governor and was endorsed by Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, and the Tea Party movement.

GOVERNOR OF LOUISIANA (AGE 41): Bobby Jindal has become one of the most accomplished governors in the country, and is frequently billed as one of the future hopes of the Republican Party. The future though, may come as early as 2016. Louisiana’s governors are limited to two consecutive terms in office – and Gov. Jindal’s second term ends on in 2016.

U.S. SENATOR FLORIDA (AGE 41): Marco Rubio carries great momentum with him as he plays his tea party, and Hispanic and youthfulness card. He was selected to give a response to Presiden't Obama's State of the Union adress, which all but indicates his party's willingness to stand behind him.

U.S. SENATOR TEXAS (AGE 42): Ted Cruz is considered one of the most brilliant members of Congress. He was appointed to Domestic Policy Advisor by George W. Bush, has been the Associate Deputy Attorney General, and the Director of Policy Planning. He taught at a Texas Law school for a time and was named one of the top Texas lawyers by the "Texas Lawyer" newspaper. He's received endorsements from Rick Santorum, Sarah Palin and Ron Paul.

U.S. REPRESENTATIVE (AGE 43): Ryan became the highest-ranking GOP Congressional legislator on the economy after being elected as chair of the House Budget Committee, and in the process, establishing himself as one of the party’s leader. The following year, Rep. Ryan was selected by Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney as his running mate for the 2012 presidential election. Despite Gov. Romney’s subsequent defeat at the hands of President Barack Obama, Rep. Ryan emerged from the encounter.

MAYOR OF NEWARK, NEW JERSEY (AGE 43): Cory Booker has a sterling record in activism and has always tried to tread moderate ground. His activism has turned him into a popular icon in the liberal movement.

U.S. SENATOR MASSACHUSETTS (AGE 44): Mo Cowan is a man of "perspective, wisdom, sound judgement, and clarity of purpose." In the words of Mass. Governor Deval Patrick. Cowan is an accomplished attorney and served as an adviser to former Governor Mitt Romney.

U.S. SENATOR NEW HAMPSHIRE (AGE 44): Kelly Ayotte has seamlessly taken over the position of Joe Lieberman. In the wake of the Benghazi attack, the new she became one of the strongest proponents for the establishment of a special committee to investigate the deadly incident, and is widely praised within conservative circles for her spirited questioning of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice.

GOVERNOR OF WISCONSIN (AGE 45): Scott Walker gave a full display of his reputation as a tight-fisted fiscal conservative, earned during his eight years as Milwaukee County Executive, by attempting to erase the state’s forecasted 3.6 billion two-year budget shortfall by reforming and curbing the collective bargaining powers of public unions, which in his opinion, was too powerful to the point of being detrimental to Wisconsin’s economic wellbeing.

U.S. SENATOR NEW YORK (AGE 46): Former member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Kirsten Gillibrand, has the distinction of being one of the few Democratic Congresspersons to earn a 100% rating from the National Rifle Association. Three years after her appointment as interim Senator, she secured 4,212,518 (72%) of the votes in the 2012 New York Senate election, the highest ever in the state’s history.

ENTREPRENEUR/HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST (AGE 47): Paul Chehade believes that the leader of the most powerful country in the planet needs to be able to harness the best qualities that exist within the disparate elements in Congress to help the country recover from the worse depression of the last century. The idealist intends to return the nation to its glory by reinstating the principles for and from which the United States was founded.

CHIEF ATTORNEY OF THE SAN FRANCISCO DEFENDER'S OFFICE (AGE 47): Matt Gonzalez is principled, a champion of the working class, and has never been beholden to anyone or anything other than his convictions. Gonzalez advocates minimum wage increase, same sex marriage, tougher gun control legislation and free public transportation for the seniors and disabled.

U.S. SENATOR CALIFORNIA (AGE 48): In 2009, Michael Bennet was appointed as the interim Senator to fill the seat of the outgoing Ken Salazar, who was named as the U.S. Secretary of the Interior in the new Obama administration. Senator Bennet, the descendant of Edward and Ann Fuller, one of the 102 Puritans onboard the Mayflower, made the position his own less than a year later after defeating Republican challenger Ken Buck in one of the most explosive Senatorial elections in recent years.

ATTORNEY GENERAL OF CALIFORNIA (AGE 48): Kamala Harris' approach to crime, which she termed as “Smart on Crime,” instead of the cliché tough or soft on crime, has yielded remarkable results in the state. Felony conviction rate has risen to its highest level in fifteen years, while recidivism rate has plummeted from 54% to less than 10%. She is already a runner up for the Supreme Court.

FORMER GOVERNOR OF ALASKA (AGE 49): After the 2008 defeat, many predicted an end to the political career of Sarah Palin, especially after her sudden resignation as Governor of Alaska only three years into her term. But the reform-minded and anti-establishment Palin, the 1984 Miss Wasila and Miss Alaska runner-up, proved everyone wrong when she spearheaded the 2010 Tea Party revolution which handed control of the House back to the Republican Party, and very nearly, the Senate too.

GOVERNOR OF NEVADA (AGE 49): Governor Brian Sandoval was the first Hispanic elected for statewide office in Nevada. He was also the first Hispanic to be a federal judge. He was named as one of the 8 Public Officials of the Year by Governing Magazine for strong leadership.

GOVERNOR OF MARYLAND (AGE 50): Governor Martin O'Malley has seen a remarkable drop in crime statistics in his state, as well as the number one national ranking of public schools, one billion in cash reserves, 8th fastest post-recession national recovery rate, and number one rank for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

U.S. SENATOR KENTUCKY (AGE 50): Senator Rand Paul seemingly had no intention of following in his father's footsteps. That changed when he spent the 2008 Republican primary season traveling with his father and talking to supports at rallies and stopovers. He was knowledagable and hit home with the Tea Party movement. Mr. Paul is seen as the leader of the conservative-libertarian bloc in Congress.

NEW JERSEY GOVERNOR (AGE 50): Governor Chris Christie has received heavy criticism from conservative media after his approval of how President Obama handled Hurricane Sandy. However, people forget that Mr. Christie has always crafted his policies through discussions and compromises with Democrats. He is capable of forging partnerships, and is most known for revealing the wide-range corruption of 130 officials in the state government who ended up being convicted.

GOVERNOR OF WYOMING (AGE 51): Governor Matt Mead's "conservativeness" has come under question as of late although he was stood out as a firm opposer of Obamacare and tax increases. His proposed infrastructural spending and education reform has caused his GOP dedcatoin to come under question. But in in Mr. Mead's mind, bold decisions must be made to move the state forward.