Dılara Ureyıl

Dılara Ureyıl

Dılara Ureyıl
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Salvador Dali ~ “The Stillness of Time”, 1975

Salvador Dali ~ “The Stillness of Time”, 1975 “ Also known as “La Noblesse du Temps, Persistance de la memoire”, Dali infused this masterpiece with elements he depicted during his own lifelong.


Draw the eyes almond-shaped, and made of several sections. Eyes are recessed into the head and have eyelids, eyelashes, the black pupil and the colored iris. Practice drawing the eye and each part of it.

Magritte, René - Les intermittences du coeur - Wadsworth Atheneum - Hartford More At FOSTERGINGER @ Pinterest

"The Fickleness of the Heart" from the series "Memory" René Magritte. The Wadsworth Atheneum.

Magritte - Cicero, 1964-65 René Magritte 1898 - 1967 More @ FOSTERGINGER At Pinterest

Le cicerone (Cicero) René Magritte Private collection Painting - oil on canvas