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Leo are not intentionally hurtful to anyone, in fact they keep quiet about a lot, it's only when they are attacked that will become that vicious lion

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If I get sad/depressed/mad/pissed then I just blurt out all my problems until they don't know what to say😶.

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Leo: You are extremely polite when necessary, but refuse to accept any disrespect no matter who it is.

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Yep, this was my Leo Pops. Oddly enough, my Leo ex-husband was exactly the opposite.he blamed me or someone else for everything he ever did wrong.he was never at fault.

Leo Zodiac Facts

leos prefer to hide their sensitivity through their charm and strength. their insecure side is often concealed by their proud stature they portray to others. however, they also fear being misunderstood, especially when they hurt someone unintentionally.

sums me up pretty well. I've never been the chaser in past relationships.

So if you're being chased by a Leo, they got some serious feelings for you and that is potentially your once in a lifetime romance.