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Nursing Education

Nursing Education

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Critical thinking skills

Teaching Team Tips

Nursing Process

Insulin Review: Aspart: Acts fast! Onset 5-15mins, Peak 45min, Duration 3-5hrs REMEMBER- To administer this insulin you must “see food!” Regular: Short Acting. Onset 15-30mins, Peak 1-3hrs, Duration 5-7hrs NPH: Intermediate-acting. Onset 2-4hrs, Peak 8-12hrs, Duration 18-24hrs Lantus: L for LONG LASTING. Onset 1.5hrs, Peakless, Duration 24hrs.

  • Patricia Beiswenger
    Patricia Beiswenger

    This would be a great tool to share with student nurses. This will help them learn insulin easier.

  • Lisa Urban
    Lisa Urban

    This is a great quick reference for any nurse. The timing of insulin administration varies from institution to institution and from unit to unit within an institution. This guide would be helpful in reasoning through the best administration plan based on the facts.

The Institute for Safe Medication Practices [ISMP] provides us with a full list of the most common look-alike / sound-alike drugs.

Things to ask for in a report: Name, age, diagnosis, MD (the one you’re going to call, not the one who hasn’t seen him in a week), activity level, diet. Presenting complaint. Tests done and tests pending. Meds given in ED (if recently arrived) and meds that need to be given before the end of the shift. Orders. Admitting/discharge paperwork done. Vital signs throughout the shift, and important changes (improvements or decompensation) and what’s been done about it.

  • Melissa Sturrock
    Melissa Sturrock

    Great tool, we use something similar at my hospital.

Nursing Essentials iPhone and iPad app by Informed Publishing.

Designed for students in health professions (medical, nursing, allied health) learning to record and interpret medical lab values from Complete Blood Chemistry (CBC), Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP) and Arterial Blood Gas (ABG).

This may be a good conference for nurse educators who want to increase their knowledge on how to improve nursing practice.

Continuing Education's Schedule of CEU Cruise Conferences for Nurses-This would be a fun, yet educational method for nurse educators to obtain ceu credits.

Nursing Staff Development: Strategies for Success-This book may be useful for nurse educators working in staff development positions.

Nursing Staff Development: Strategies for Success

PNEG | Professional Nurse Educators Group | Forging the future through continuing professional development

  • Teresa Shellenbarger
    Teresa Shellenbarger

    Great networking opportunities

International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship-Publishes research articles related to nursing education

This may be another resource for nurse educators as they enter into their new role as nurse educators.

This may be a good book for new nurse educators to learn how to deal with problems in both clinical and academic settings.

Describes the many responsibilities of nurse educators

  • Judy Amigh
    Judy Amigh

    Donna, this is very eye catching and its words are so true. I decided to repin it to my board. Thanks for finding it!

  • Susan Stern
    Susan Stern

    Key words that cover many nurse educator core competencies. Click on it to go to Nurse Educator magazine.

Emphasizes the importance of having "Baccalaureate prepared" nurses in the workforce-Hooray for Baccalaureate Nursing Programs!

Since technology is important to many students, this book would be helpful to nurse educators who need strategies on how to integrate technology in the classroom.

This would be helpful for developing simulation scenerios.

Here is something Nurse Educators should consider-Taking the Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) Examination

  • Lisa Urban
    Lisa Urban

    Great pin, I probably have heard of this certification at some point, but had forgotten. Thanks for the reminder!!

National League for Nursing-Promotes Excellence in Nursing Education

This peer reviewed journal will be helpful to nurse educators.

Real Life™ "Examples" of Clinical Reasoning Scenarios

  • Lauren Succheralli
    Lauren Succheralli

    This is a great tool! I did not know about this. I think one of the hardest things for new graduates to do is make clinical decisions. This seems to be a great resource for nurse educators!