World War 2 Poster

World War 2 Poster. Americans: Always fighting for liberty! I found this poster almost a decade ago in an antique shop in DC and purchased for my older brother who is an Army officer.

70 years ago, Jim "Pee Wee" Martin parachuted into France, behind German enemy lines, in the dark of night ahead of the D-Day invasion. Today at the age of 93, the World War ll veteran jumped into Normandy again, in a full military kit, to mark the anniversary of the June 6th landings by Allied troops. Before jumping he said, "They are worried about me getting hurt. I said, 'Don't worry about it. If I get hurt or I get killed, what is the difference? I've lived 93 years. I've had a good…

Seventy years ago, Jim "Pee Wee" Martin parachuted into France, behind German…

82nd Airborne Division!

Today's pinup is a continuation of the Propaganda Style Pinup Posters featuring Kelsey in this tribute to the Airborne Paratroopers of World War I've. Propaganda Pinups - Become a Paratrooper!

Gunner's Mate - one of the oldest rates in the Navy and a big part of our Expeditionary Force.

100 Propaganda Posters

WWII propaganda poster - Man the Guns, Join the Navy by McClelland Barclay. Produced in 1942 for the Navy Recruiting Bureau.


Homemade bread wins the war. On the home front, war bread was the order of the day. Made with less desirable whole wheat and other grains, it was actually healthier than the white bread soldiers received.

Avenge Pearl Harbor - WWII poster

Avenge Pearl Harbor - WWII poster The attack on Pearl Harbor was a turning point for American involvement of WWII. Because of that, television, film, and literature were all directed towards the war.

He volunteered. #WW2 #vintage #propaganda #poster #navy

He Volunteered For Submarine Service, art by Jon Whitcomb. "You volunteered for submarine service?

Be an American Eagle! WWI American recruitment poster for the Army Air Service (which became the Air Force shortly after the war.)

21 World War I Recruitment Posters From Around the Globe

US WWI Recruitment Poster, showing a clash between heraldic eagles.

The U.S. Home Front During World War II Photos — Picture Galleries

The Price of Freedom: 'Defend Your Country, Enlist Now in the United States Army' Poster


US WWII war time propaganda: "Know your place. Shut your face"