Texas is an "open carry, permit conceal carry" state, a fact that many texans revel in using their constitutional right to bear arms as a part of a well regulated militia

Texas has its own toast!

Funny pictures about Texas Toast. Oh, and cool pics about Texas Toast. Also, Texas Toast.

Your not a Texan unless you were born and bred in our hot state

"I'm from Texas and I don't keep calm" There's your warning crazy peeps

:) This is so true! Just drove to GA and back again and I kept wondering where are all the trucks? Got an hour outside the TX & LA border and there they were.TEXAS plates headed back to the LONE STAR STATE!


If the rest of the country thought we were obnoxious about being Texan before.

Now thats flat

Lubbock, Texas: So flat you can watch your dog run away for two weeks.