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16 Interesting Nail Tutorials For Short Nails - fashionsy.

16 Interesting Nail Tutorials For Short Nails -

Urban Jungle by Essie

Seven on Sunday - The Enchanted Home

wipe your nails with vinegar before paint

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  • shelly allen
    shelly allen

    I have tried this but I read somewhere that alcohol (rubbing and/ or vodka) works just as well. So I tried and the rubbing alcohol and it worked much better for me. My manicure lasted the entire week and not one chip. It would have lasted longer but I do my nails every week. Kudos to that person for the alcohol tip.

essie polish, mod square

The Pink Pagoda: Off Topic Tuesday -- Sandal Choices

stripe and heart toe nails ♥ cute cute

Fit, Crafty, Stylish and Happy: Pink black and striped nails
  • Ratio Drink
    Ratio Drink

    Great style , very nice :)

matte black and shiny polka, genius!

Easiest nail art ever: Playing with texture!
  • Katy Severin
    Katy Severin

    I will try this design. :)

snowflake nails - cute for winter?

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Melon Gradient

grape fizz nails
  • ACC

    love it!

French tips with rhinestone nail design.

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  • Barbara Hopson
    Barbara Hopson

    love this!

  • Geraldine Hortin
    Geraldine Hortin


Shooting stars!

Neverland Nail Blog
  • Tiffanyand Grayson
    Tiffanyand Grayson


  • Dejanae Mobley
    Dejanae Mobley

    I love this.

  • Tracey Kominowski-Leclerc
    Tracey Kominowski-Leclerc

    It truly captures the essence of a shooting star...Bravo! !!

Spring Nails

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Nails | sparkle & mine

Sparkle & Mine: Nails

Nails | sparkle & mine

Sparkle & Mine: Nails

Hello Kitty!

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  • Jessica Perez
    Jessica Perez

    Love nails

French tip with black bows nail design

I Love Pink Nails
  • IcePhant


  • Lila Brittingham
    Lila Brittingham


  • Mavis Hanley
    Mavis Hanley


  • Tracey Kominowski-Leclerc
    Tracey Kominowski-Leclerc

    Formal and tidy...professional looking...i like it a lot! ! (:

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lace nails-very pretty

Top 10 Nail Art Ideas that you will Love – Top Inspired

Ombre Nails with a Sponge

31 Insanely Easy And Clever DIY Projects
  • Dawn Kitchen
    Dawn Kitchen

    Love this trying it now.

  • Alisa Smith
    Alisa Smith

    that is so cool with the fadding color

  • Emma Churcher
    Emma Churcher

    Tried this but it didn't work...was really washed out and flooded my cuticles...any tips?

  • Paula Giordano
    Paula Giordano

    Try doing it with acrylic paint and then seal with a good clear coat. The extra will wash off your skin.

  • Dawn Ayers
    Dawn Ayers

    Really like this..........and it works

Essie Demure Vixen

Short 'n Chic: Essie Demure Vixen and Pretty Edgy Comparison
  • Jennifer Garcia
    Jennifer Garcia

    Love this color

  • Lakshmi Rockz
    Lakshmi Rockz

    nyc one...i liked it...

Pastel and Stripes

Pose by sugarbug


Layniefingers: Another way to do a sponged gradient!
  • Misty Conley
    Misty Conley

    I tried this and couldn't get it to work so what am i doing wrong?

  • Vicki DeCoffe
    Vicki DeCoffe

    perfect blend of colours for this summer

Essie Color..."Brooch the Subject." Love this nude look.

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Just a touch of sparkle

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  • Tamika Adkins
    Tamika Adkins


Must try this

  • Katelyn S
    Katelyn S

    i like this nail design

DIY French mani using circle paper reinforcements.

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  • Sally Singleton
    Sally Singleton

    This what I do on my nails works great!great

  • Alisa Smith
    Alisa Smith

    wow thanks for the cool tip i will try it

  • Laura Callahan
    Laura Callahan

    very cool

  • Judy Olbert-Hepner
    Judy Olbert-Hepner

    wonderful idea. thanks!