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Fun drawing activity with aluminum foils and sharpies! Children can touch and feel the aluminum foil and figure out it's characteristics. They can see how it reflects the light, feel the smooth surface and figure out materials that can be used to draw on the foil. After the activity, these foils can be decoration on the wall in the classroom.

Aluminum foil and sharpies! Sometimes the best result comes from the simplest medium.especially with kids --------------- this was not actually done with a roll of "aluminum foil" but with heavier aluminum; such as pie pans cut up - still really cool

Make an “I’m Done!” cup so that early finishers aren’t bored. | 37 Insanely Smart School Teacher Hacks

This could be adapted to suit my class! (via Team V’s First Grade Fun: “I’m Done” Cups) Students pick a stick from the “I’m Done” cup and work on an activity when they are finished with their work. Teachers can range the activities depending on the grade.