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Debbie McKinney

Weight Watchers Chicken Marsala Recipe

Delicious Healthy Fruit Shakes... can hardly wait until fresh fruit is in season around here :)

Great recipes for smoothies

Cool off with these healthy fruit and veggie smoothies

Cool off with these healthy fruit and veggie smoothies

Weight Watchers Coconut Cake Recipe

Weight Watchers 0 point Strawberry Pie. I used to make this all the time. Back to watching what I eat, so I'll be making this for Super Bowl Sunday dessert. :) Give it a try!!

This is a spaghetti squash pizza bake that is one of our absolute favorite primal recipes since we try not to eat real pizza with crust anymore. I follow the basic recipe but put my choice of toppings on.

Crock Pot Breakfast to cook overnight for breakfast the next morning!

Losing weight gets easier - with a weight loss drink that cleanses and detoxifies the body. Gotta try this one! RePin

Jillian Micheals Detox Drink. I've done this twice now! It won't make you lose tons of weight but you DO slim down a bit! Mostly it just makes you feel really hydrated. I do this whenever I need a health boost

weight watchers best recipes | Potato Cakes Plus+ 1 Per Serving - weight watchers recipes

So, tell me, have you ever made spaghetti squash? This was the first time I ever made this veggie. Of course, everyone tells you it turns out like spaghetti but I figured sure, sure, sure it does. I mean, how close can a squash be to spaghetti? Well, hold everything!!! This thing really DID resemble …

Weight watchers 1 point no bake cookies. Need to try

0 weight watchers points!!

I gotta try this! Meatloaf made with stove top stuffing. Gets rave reviews and SUPER easy. 1 Pound Ground Meat 1 Egg 1 Box Stuffing Mix 1 Cup Water Mix everything together, smoosh it into a loaf pan, and bake at 350 for about 45 minutes.

Cobb Dip | Lemon Tree Dwelling

Pumpkin Muffins! 2 ingredients, 2 weight watcher points! Sweet!

Quick Weight Watchers Mexican Skillet Recipe

Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole

This is my go-to meal because it's fast, fail-proof, & everyone loves it. I always have a few tucked away in my freezer and have enough ingredients in my food storage to make it all year long!|Prepared-Ho... #recipe #freezermeal #foodstorage