DIY Nebula Jar Instructions

Create a DIY Nebula or Galaxy jar , simple ingrediants for calming jar fun / A CAlmi g jar om/diy-nebula-jar-instructions/

The Seven Types of ADD—and How to Treat Each One #Slideshow - According to Daniel G. Amen, M.D., "Attention deficit is not a single or a simple disorder. The 7 types are 1) Classic ADD, 2) Innative ADD 3) Overfocused ADD 4) Temporal lobe ADD 5) Limbic ADD 6) Ring of fire and 7) Anxious ADD." - ADDfreeSources:

Are There Really 7 Types of ADD?

The 7 Types of ADD: My ADHD Is Not Your ADHD - The 7 Types of ADD – and How to Treat Each One - Daniel G. Amen, M. says there are many types of ADHD. He explains them here, and offers his treatment plans for managing them.

Great ideas to help you create a homework station for kiddos!

Kids Homework Station

How to set up a functional and organized homework station. Or a table space for the office room