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Interactivate: Fraction Four

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Brilliant idea to teach the concept of moving the decimal point over two times to convert from a percentage to a decimal- move it, move it! Love it!

Surfing To Success: Tick, Tick, Tick

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Dinah Zikes Foldables Math

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More fraction activities....

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Adventures in Third (or 6th) Grade: fraction, equiv fraction, decimal activity

Adventures in Third Grade: fractions

Fractions Decimals

Basic Fractions

Playdough Fractions


Summer Fractions

Teaching Fractions And Decimals

Equal Parts Fractions

Fractions Kindergarten

Understanding Fractions

Teaching fractions with play-doh! This help students visualize fraction games that will help them understand fractions conceptually.

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Math Doesn'T

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4Th Grade

Fractions Third Grade Activities

Detective Classroom

Introducing Fractions Third Grade

Fractions For Second Grade

Cute video to introduce fractions while sparking interest.

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Corkboard Connectionsfrom Corkboard Connections

Building a Foundation for Decimal Place Value Success

Fractions To Decimals

Teaching Fractions

C Maths Fractions Decimals

Decimals Percentages

How To Teach Decimals

4Th Grade Decimals

Decimal Numbers

Decimal Base Ten

Numbers Tenths

How to use base 10 manipulatives to model decimal numbers and write expanded forms for those numbers.

Corkboard Connections: Place Value Practice Makes Perfect

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Equivalent Fractions Art

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4th grade ~ Math ~ Fractions ~ art

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fractions fractions song

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Teaching fractions and decimals throughout the year!!

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Happily Ever After: Fraction Activities

Happily Ever After: Fraction Activities

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Equivalent Fractions-Christine Munafo's Flipped Classroom-4th grade STEM...great explanation. My kids caught on very quickly!

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Fractions Second Grade

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3 Math

Introducing Fractions 3Rd Grade

Fractions For Kids

Wait a minute! Why'd PJ get 4 sandwiches and i only got 2? #EquivalentFractions

Math Ideas - Elementary

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Breuken Math

Teaching Math Fractions

Order Fractions

Fractions Students

Ordering Fractions

Fractions Decimals Percents

Lesson Students

Math Science

Grade Math

Fun with Fractions: Students continue to work with fraction strips to compare and order fractions. This lesson builds on the work done with fraction relationships in the previous lesson. Students develop skills in problem solving and reasoning as they make connections between various fractions.

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3 5 Lesson

Lesson Ideas

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Fractions Decimals Percents

Equivalent Fractions

Model Discover

Investigating Fraction

Discover Fraction

Making and Investigating Fraction Strips: Students make and use a set of fraction strips to represent the length model, discover fraction relationships, and work with equivalent fractions.

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Fraction People

Fraction Math

Fraction Project

Fraction Hands On

Math People

Fraction Art For Kids

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Fraction Activity

Math Mosaics to reinforce fractions

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Butterfly Fractions

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Math 5

add or subtract fractions the butterfly way - fascinating

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Multiplying Whole Numbers And Fractions

5Th Grade Fractions Project

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Fabulous in Fifth!: Friday's Five Fabulous Finds (on Pinterest)

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Fraction hopscotch. Very cool!

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Fraction Activity

Reducing Fractions Activity

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Educational Wonders

This resource contains three discovery-bottle-type format activities for reducing fractions, changing improper fractions to mixed numbers, and chan...

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Problem Craftivity

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Fraction Craftivity

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Fraction Activity

Notebook Freebie

FREEBIE....Get your students ready to APPLY their new knowledge of Fractions by creating A Fraction Flower Word Problem Craftivity! Fun, Interactive, and Looks GREAT as a bulletin board display! Grades 2-4

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Math Playground Header: Online Pattern Blocks

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Percents Math

Fraction Decimals

Decimal Fractions

Teaching Percents

Fractions Foldable

6Th Grade Math Percents

Percent Fractions

Fraction 4Th Grade

Converting Fractions Decimals Percents

Turn fractions to decimals to percents math journal organizer.

Math = Love: Foldable Love

Free Decimal

Decimal Review

Decimal Ideas

Fraction Decimal

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Free decimal review game for math centers or cooperative learning

Decimal Review Game Cards