Daniel Luxemburg

Daniel Luxemburg

likes computers and cities and brains
Daniel Luxemburg
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Leap Motion controlling LIFX bulbs

leap-lifx - Wave hand at lamp, lamp turn colors

Raspberry Pi iBeacon detector

ibeacon-detector - iBeacon detection demo for Raspberry Pi

"The Politics of Programming Paradigms" at Theorizing the Web 2015

Hashmod Linda Huber Emma Stamm: Wait, What?: Interface Hacks as Awareness-Raising Tools Daniel Luxemburg: The Politics of Programming P.

JavaScript and iBeacons (NationJS 2014)

JavaScript and iBeacons (NationJS

Gestural Color Spaces with Node (EmpireNode 2014)

Gestural Color Spaces with Node (EmpireNode

Exploring Color Spaces with Gesture Tracking and Smart Bulbs (Distill 2014)

This is "Daniel Luxemburg - Exploring Color Spaces with Gesture Tracking and Smart Bulbs" by Engine Yard on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and…

"Creating Custom HTML Elements for Maps" at FOSS4G 2014

Maps appear all over the web but the core structural language of the webHTMLdoes not natively support them. Adding dynamic or interactive maps to a web page or web…

"Brainwaves! On your computer!" at !!Con 2014

On your computer!

"Microclients for Microservices" at Midwest.io 2014

io 2014 - Microclients for Your Microservices - Daniel Luxemburg

"Repurposing OpenTripPlanner for Ride Sharing" at FOSS4G 2014

OpenTripPlanner is an open source application for building multi-modal itineraries using OpenStreetMap data about walking and driving routes and General Transit…