Visualizing Anchor Chart

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The Moon...A Poem Is

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A Poem Disney. Fantastic youtube videos to inspire children to love poetry!

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Shel Silverstein's Books Channel on YouTube - Animated versions of poems, in some cases with his voice reading them

Runny's Hind Keart

Shel Silverstein Animated Poems On Youtube!

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{FREE} Nursery Rhyme Worksheets and Lapbook

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Shel Silverstein animated poems on Youtube Character Procession

"I am poem" One of my favorite activities to do with kids. **There is also a Poetry Unit and Some Awesome Info. On Student Led Conferences!!!

One Extra Degree: March 2011


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Nursery Rhyme Pocket Chart Cards (free)

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This will lead you to a website where you can type in a poem and it will turn it into a shape! So cool!

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descriptive writing - fun for end of year - bring watermelon for kiddos, have them write to describe, and create self-portraits and melon slices

Today In First Grade

great for mental images and inferring

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This is the cutest kindergarten poetry journal ever! The examples are awesome!

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Creating Mental Images

The Accidental Teacher, Mom, Runner: Mental Images

Great poem activity.

March 2011


One Extra Degree: Launching Our Poetry Unit!

"Visualizing: What Is It?" anchor chart

Fabulous Fourth Grade: Anchor Charts


First Grade Pandamonium