Mandala tattoo.

a mandala that would be a beautiful tattoo. how about for a cover up tattoo? or half mandala tattoo

cross tattoo ideas

16 Simple Pretty Cross Designs Images - Simple Cross Tattoo Designs, Feminine Cross Tattoos and Simple Cross Designs

Infinity tattoo idea with birds

I hate the infinity symbol as a tattoo because it's such a popular thing but I love the birds that make the symbol.

Luke Bryan in his hunting attire... I'm in love...

Luke Bryan in his hunting attire. I'm in love.there is something very sexy about a man and his crossbow

#2 This type of art would have not been considered art during the Renaissance. Body art had not yet been invented.

We all love tattoos, but coming up with a more creative tattoo idea can be more overwhelming than anyone should expect. Here are some creative tattoo ideas.

I'll be glad I pinned this one day.... 100 Great Date Night Ideas--From silly to sweet

Keeping the fire burning. 100 Great Date-Night Ideas. From silly to sweet to flat-out scorching, we've got togetherness tips for your every mood. Read more: 100 Great Date-Night Ideas - Creative Dates - Redbook

Charlie Hunnam Jax on Sons of Anarchy, and a very interesting and artistic portrait of him.


Seeing elderly people in love is also a great reminder that the best things in life don't change. I hope and pray that my life and marriage turns out the same way.

Why Iowa Rules — in 12 steps by washingtonpost #Iowa

Why Iowa rules — in 12 steps

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