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Vintage Combo Wood / Gas Stove Wood firebox and oven below,upper gas oven and broiler up top. 4 gas burners on rt. circa 1880-1930

the haystack needle: brimfield market

Bisquits, breads, cinnamon rolls, thick soups, roasted turkey, Christmas cookies, preserved fruits, coffee -- of course...what a history

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Cooking with very little wood or coal.

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Mrs. B. Bakes: 1917

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This stove needs me!!! DITTO.

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Buyer's Guide to Vintage Appliances

Range and stove, 1915.

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This one has to be so heavy! ****

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We have an "Ivy Perfect" Cookstove in our den. It's wonderful for making pots of chili and soup on a winter day. The heat from the fire box takes the chill of of the room. A large water kettle adds humidity to the dry air. Fantastic biscuits and pizzas are baked in the wood stove.

The Pioneer Cookbook: Pictures From A Real Pioneer Kitchen

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wood burning kitchen stoves

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The small Tilestove is a woodstove with a Corten® steel  frame and an exterior of ceramic tiles by Koninklijke Tichelaar Makkum. The ceramic tiles provides a steady distribution of the heat radiated by the steel interior. The stoves’ size and smoke-channel diameter of 130mm make it ideal for kitchens or utility rooms with a small chimney.

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Jotul wood stoves.

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An antique Danish butterfly stove, originally carved in wood by pattern makers, and then cast at the Nyborg Foundry on Jutland in Denmark, around 1910. Covered in dragonflies and moths, a frog, a few snakes, and one butterfly.

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Stack stoves, a ceramic line with wood burning and pellet burning fireplaces

Stack Stoves

Wood stoves are the best way to heat your home...

Wood Stoves for Home Heating

My dream includes a stove forged by my friend Julian. Lovely wood stoves that are as much art as they are utilitarian.

Wood Burning Stoves

You know, if more grills--or, er, wood-burning stoves--looked like dragons, I'd be more interested in buying one and cooking out.

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Wood Cook Stove; At the dawn of the 20th century, the beautifully ornamented wood and coal range was the heart of the home, and around it revolved the life of the entire family.  These wood and coal fired stoves for cooking and heating have been in use since the 1880's.

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The original Perfect coal-powered stove that was in our kitchen. This puppy had to run 24 hours a day. Photo is dated 1949, though I have no idea when this was removed. Check out the address on the doors - 234 Water Street, NY. Think they're still making cast iron stoves at that address?

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Sougland-Aisne Stored Heat Cook Stove. France c. 1890. This extremely rare and striking Sougland-Aisne stored heat cooker is a work of outstanding design. This Art Nouveau-period cast iron stove could either be fired with charcoal or wood, and has three "burners" on top with covers and concentric registers to fit different sizes of cooking pots, as well as to provide different levels of heat. The stove also features two ovens almost certainly kept at different temperatures, two warming…

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love old stoves <3

October 12, 2007 Archives - Retro Renovation

Just picked up one of these old stoves at a thrift store for a steal, but it needs a fresh coat of paint to look this good. We'll install it in the Hideaway sometime before next fall. I'm eager to try slow-cooking a pot of stew on top!

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Erikson's Antique Stoves

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Ceramic tiled stove. I love the idea of these stoves/fire place. Imagine the punch of color in a contemporary setting.