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10 Ways to Celebrate birthdays and make kids feel SUPER SPECIAL! Do one or two each birthday or turn a few into yearly traditions. My kids LOVE these!

12 Things Your Child Should Know Before Staying Home Alone

If you have older kids, check out this list of 12 things your child should know before staying home alone, so they can be more prepared for this major step! - Visit now for Dragon Ball Z compression shirts now on sale!

Internet Terms and Acronyms Parents MUST Know

How to Get a Bachelors Degree by Age 20 With Zero Debt

Great idea for kids and teens. How to graduate with a 4 year degree by age 20 with zero debt! #LiveLikeYouAreRich

I wish my parents had done this. It's beautiful. Will definitely be doing this when the time comes!

Teaching Kids to be Thankful

10 Key Pointers To Help Develop Positive Thinking In Children

You have an important role in helping your child develop a positive attitude towards life. Here are some ways you can help your child