I love Dave Franco. Always have, always will.

Important Things Everyone Should Know About Dave Franco

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate Dave Franco. Shoutout to James Franco for having such a beautiful brother

LadyBoners™ on

Dave Franco/ Oh goodness. Dave and James sure have a great smile. Too much adorable-ness for one family.

I would love to be arrested by Dave Franco

Mark Ruffalo On The Set Of "Now You See Me"

Justin through the years ♥

The only thing that changed his his height. To beliebers his personality is the same sweet loving kid and he will always have a baby face❤️ Coming at ya

Dave Franco

I think I need to go to the doctor!" Ya I could defiantly go to the doctor is dave franco is included! ( hot Doctor Right there ---->)

Dave Franco - doesnt hurt that he has the same smile as his brother.

Meet Hollywood's Newest Bad Guy: James Franco's Brother?