might just be the best dog ever...

* Old English Sheep Dog * love the ponytail!

Lovely photo of Marley in the snow wrapped in a scarf. So sweet!

Pure cuteness....

"The Look" - Pouka Art & Photography - English Setter

Nap Time

Funny pictures about A new use for a guitar case. Oh, and cool pics about A new use for a guitar case. Also, A new use for a guitar case.


Snowy schnauzer Love me a schnauzer!

Every pet owner should take a photo like this!by placing my paw in your hands.I am also placing my life in your hands 4 ever. may u both have a blessed life together 4 ever.peace b with u

.....smiling here

Boxer - rain rain go away


Graphite drawing of a basset hound nose, available to buy on Etsy

Pirate of the Baltic Sea by Elke Vogelsang || smiling here~

Absurdly Expressive Dog Portraits Pirate of the Baltic Sea, By Elke Vogelsang dogs

shadow 03 von Jürgen W2

Shadow play Dog's Life by Jürgen °


Beautiful greyhound such a stunning photo🙊

bunny imposter so cute.


Holy Smoke l Burlap Doggie Dolls


I can smell you. I know there's stuff happening out there that I need to be a part of. I still smell you. Dog nose, in search of new life.

josef koudelka, greece 2003

by Josef Koudelka, Greece, 2003

Great Dane ♛

if you have never laid on the floor and had a dog/dogs look down at you like this, you are truly missing out on one of life's greatest joys :p my dog looks so darn cute from this angle lol