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Ross Bleckner (American), Galaxy with Birds, -an investigation of change, loss, and memory, often addressing the subject of AIDS -uses symbolic imagery rather than direct representation, and his work is visually elusive, with forms that constantly change focus -much of Bleckner's work can be divided into distinct groups or series with motifs repeated from painting to painting -he is also in the habit of redeploying and combining old motifs

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A Village in Orbit: Inside NASA's Space Colony Concepts #Infographic

NASA's Giant Space Colony Concepts Explained (Infographic)

Like sand. NGC 300, Detail 1: Hubble's Advanced Camera for Surveys shows individual as well as clusters of stars in the spiral galaxy NGC 300, located approximately 7 mil...

NGC 300 Detail 1

Credited as the "Father of Rocket Science," Wernher von Braun developed the technology that would land the first men on the moon in 1969. Discover more about technology's evolution w/ @American Experience

WGBH American Experience . Silicon Valley | PBS

Twitter Helps Confirm X-Shaped Bulge At Center Of Milky Way

Black hole? Or wormhole in disguise? | CosmOnline

Black hole? Or wormhole in disguise? | CosmOnline