We would stay "orangish" for days!  Boy, did that stuff BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mercurochrome and Methylade, painful stuff on cuts. My grandfather would always put this stuff on our cuts and scrapes.

How to make Clove Oil

Make Clove Oil

☆ How to Make Clove Oil from ground cloves and olive oil: Before prescription pain killers were available, clove oil was used as a dental remedy to soothe and numb the gums when they were inflamed.

green glass

green green bottles Design Seeds®: For All Who Love Color Green Bottles gold glittery ankle strap heels from kate spade fall 2013 {in love!

The bright red color made me think my cut was even worse than it was.  And it stung, too!

my dad would always put this on my scrapes/cuts. The bright red color made me think my bruise was even worse than it was. And it stung like fire on a cut or scrape.

Old Spice® for Men shaving mugs, bottles and other collectibles 1938-1993    My Gramps (1899-1975) always smelled of Old Spice...such warm memories!

Old Spice® for Men shaving mugs, bottles and other collectibles My Gramps always smelled of Old Spice.such warm memories! **Granddaddy wore this and the bottle could go years without anything in it and it would still smell so good!

Vintage Blank Apothecary Labels Journaling by JustRightGraphics, $3.25

Vintage Blank Apothecary Labels Journaling Card Ephemera Digital Collage Sheet

vintage bandaid metal container

8x8 Band Aid

step 6 Allusion: In the story rachel makes a reference that eleven was rattling inside of her like pennies in a band aid box. Thats allusion because the band aid box is a reference to pop culture and it relates to how shes feeling about her age

Belgium Pharmacy

Spectacular pharmacy stained glass door surround located in Ghent, Oost-Vlaanderen, BELGIUM - Magnifique ~ Magnifico ~

Ads--thorazine for menopause!

Thorazine, was administered very liberally in institutional settings to turn the problematic and uncontrollable patient into a drooling, blank-eyed mess. In order to control women in menopause, it was Thorazine to the rescue

Apothecary shop

Apothecary shop - look at the ornate trim on the cabinets! Also, look at the clock in the background - excellent for steampunk flow of home.the lights are pretty nifty as well.

unbelieveable!! No wonder he had the problems he had....

Elvis Presley's last script from "Dr Nick" dated the day before his death…

apothecary chests. . .so awesome!

Map drawers for craft room storage or art storage. I need one so bad, can't count the number of landscapes I've sketched that have been ruined by no proper storage.

I know the original Mrs. Stewart...

Stewarts liquid bluing for laundry day. bluing was used to make whites white (and for making silver hair a light blue - hmmmmm - must try when I am older)

vintage apothecary collection

Free Vintage Apothecary Labels ~They look great on old jars and vases, don't they? The drug store labels can even be printed onto cotton sheets and sewed into hand towels!

Graphic advertisement for Atabrine, an anti-malaria drug, in Papua, New Guinea during WWII

40 Must-See Photos From The Past