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Ocean Heights One Residential Tower, Dubai, UAE by Aedes Architects

Ocean Heights is a supertall skyscraper designed by Andrew Bromberg of Aedas, in the Dubai Marina of greater Dubai. The tower stands 310 metres tall and has 83 floors. The building was topped-out on 22 December and completed in

Sumerian depiction of an Annunaki Warrior.

Sumerian depiction of an Annunaki, Sumerian mangel from the other planet, Nebiru. About 4000 years later the Old testament editors copied them with their version of the jinn and fallen genii.

Sumerian Cuneiform

Sumerian Cuneiform Photograph by Granger SUMERIAN CUNEIFORM. List of five fields on a Sumerian circular plano-convex clay tablet form Lagash, c. 1980 B.