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by Unknown (if anyone knows who did it, please tell me so I'll put the credits here)

I've been expecting what I wanted people to be but I've been wrong the whole time because I've been proven that some people are just not at my level!  SAD!

"Don't blame people for disappointing you. Blame yourself for expecting too much.


time decides who you meet in life, your heart decides who you want in your life, and your behavior decides who stays in your life, quote

under a tree, upon a hill by on @DeviantArt

under a tree, upon a hill Sweet alone

simple design and yet caught my eye because of how the text was positioned and invited me to look deeper at the poster than just 2 seconds. But yet was able to communicate the information clearly and effectively.

I like how the background the isn't completely black and how the text isn't completely white or gray, it is a scratched out in diagonal lines. The different types of gray also show the two different messages the text is showing, and draw your eyes.