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    Lane Cedar Hope Chests

    Love Lane Cedar Chests. Recently found one from an estate sale just like my mothers.

    Lane Cedar Hope Chests

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    Lane Cedar Hope Chest

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    Lane Cedar Hope Chest (1943)

    Vintage Household Ads of the 1940s (Page 3)
    • Liz Stevens Illustration
      Liz Stevens Illustration

      The chest in the lower left is the same one my mom passed down to me!!

    This Christmas Lane Cedar Chest (1951)

    Vintage Xmas Advertisements of the 1950s (Page 3)

    Art Deco waterfall style Lane blanket chest Satin wood Solid cedar interior with tray 19" deep, 46" long, 2 ft high Circa 1930s

    Photo Album - Gramercy Vintage Furniture - New York NY
    • Gail Calver
      Gail Calver

      This is identical to my mom's chest. I have it.

    • Sandra Duvarney
      Sandra Duvarney

      Have same chest, with tray, store sales sticker still in tact in lid. Need to sale

    • Louise Limehouse
      Louise Limehouse

      What year is your chest and how much are you asking Sandra duvarney?

    • Janice Crossan
      Janice Crossan

      Janice Lambert,would like to sell it.It was my Mother-in laws.

    We got a Lane Cedar chest simiar to this one at a thrift store. It's awesome. I've always wanted one. Now our wool clothing will be safe all summer and smell good when we are ready to use them again this Fall and Winter.

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    • Carol Stroud
      Carol Stroud

      What year is this?

    Vintage Lane cedar chest. It is presently full of stuffed animals. It is not something that I would have bought new.

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    Matt's cousin Jenna gave us her old Lane cedar hope chest recently. I plan to refinish and reupholster it, and make it a window seat in our library room. Love this old Lane ad.

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    My shabby Chic Lane Cedar Chest - SA-WEET

    Lovely Shabby Chic Turquoise Lane Cedar Chest- Sold
    • Randi

      Hi Denise! I see you pin a lot of Lane Cedar chests.. I'm restoring one right now - it should be finished in about a week and will be BEAUTIFUL! Do you collect them?

    Antique 1942 Lane Mahogany Bedroom Cedar Blanket Hope Chest | eBay

    Antique 1942 Lane Mahogany Bedroom Cedar Blanket Hope Chest

    Antique 1949 Lane Mahogany Bedroom Cedar Blanket Hope Chest | eBay

    Antique 1949 Lane Mahogany Bedroom Cedar Blanket Hope Chest

    Does anyone remember these?? I never got one, but I still have one (from my older sister, I think) LANE MINI CEDAR CHEST; little boxes given out by the thousand by furniture companies across the country to high school girls. Many were handed out during the 1950s and 1960s to girls at graduation, with the hope that they would be inspired to buy the larger size, which cost hundreds of dollars.

    Black high schoolers & Lane mini cedar chest | Auction Finds
    • Linda Pattison
      Linda Pattison

      I still have mine from graduation in 1968! It holds my dad's key case (he died in 1962), high school button" WASSON WIN STATE"; wedding pin from my husband, "FOR 75 YEARS"; and wedding ring (didn't make 75 years). I wanted to give one to my friend graduating from HS. They are not available. Not even on ebay.

    • Penny Johnson
      Penny Johnson

      They can be found at Antique shops & flea markets at reasonable prices-$ 5.00 up to $20.00 depending on condition. I have mine from 1969 and 32 others from other stores and states. My niece has hers from 1970. That's the latest date I know of. I use them for gifts w/teas, bath salts, etc. whatever the receiver uses/likes.

    Art Deco cedar chest - Lane of Altavista, Virginia. I snatched this up when I found it on Craigslist under FREE. The only problem is they painted the exterior white but hey, I'm not complaining.

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    My 1944 Lane Cedar chest

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    VINTAGE Lovings mini LANE CEDAR CHEST trinket jewelry box Fluted Rounded corners

    Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles, Coupons and More

    i just received this exact hope chest from a family member. i love it! now to refinish it....

    Lane Cedar Hope Chest

    Vintage Lane Cedar Chest $150.00 at auction

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    LANE Cedar lined art deco chest...i want one so bad!

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    • Alicia Reynolds
      Alicia Reynolds

      I have one!

    Antique Lane Cedar Chest & Headboard

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    lane cedar chest

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    Cedar Chest by Lane Built in 1930 25 dollar SHIPPING by TheEAShop, $485.00

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    $250 Mid Century Modern 1950s Lane Cedar Chest. Walnut Veneer, with Interior felt lined shelf. And feet!

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    Lane - Crestview Cedar Chest - 2977-28

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    Lane - Cedar Chest (wanted one so bad as a teen)

    Page Not Found :: Lane Furniture
    • Becky Tyson
      Becky Tyson

      I have this EXACT chest!

    Lane Home Furnishings Crestview Cedar Chest (SO)

    Boscov's Online - Your Full Service Department Store

    Vintage Cedar Lane Hope Chest. I have this exact chest from my mom and its in mint condition. This spring we're going to paint it and make a cushion bench top for it. Not crazy about the interior cedar smell

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    • Amber Korenich
      Amber Korenich

      looks about 1953

    • Lana Minori-Sawicki
      Lana Minori-Sawicki

      check the serial number on the bottom - it is the date it was made written backwards. My serial number is 449220: translates to Feb 29, 1944 (yes it was a leap year). Don't forget to contact Lane for a new free lock. The old locks are a death trap for kids.

    • Melissa Hodges
      Melissa Hodges

      I have asked for the new locks from Lane. They sent me the wrong ones. I asked again and they sent me the wrong ones again. ...... I have not had the heart to try again.

    • Liz Stevens Illustration
      Liz Stevens Illustration

      Just remove the lock completely, Melissa until you can get the right one, or keep the chest locked so kids can't get in there!

    • Mona Taylor
      Mona Taylor

      I can't figure out the date of mine - I know my Mom had it in the mid 50s: serial # 2665121

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