Drop 'N' Roll Clothing

Drop 'N' Roll Clothing

London  ·  Clothing Retailer. DROP ‘N’ ROLL Clothing is part of the on-going revolution that is HIP-HOP. Check out blog For Full 'About Us' Section
Drop 'N' Roll Clothing
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Hip Hop fashion ca. Derived from break dancers, and rap music, clothing from this style tribe consisted of baggy pants, oversized shirts, and high running shoes. Hip Hop fashion still remain popular today.


“The Secret Meeting that Changed Rap Music and Destroyed a Generation” -- article about one aspect of the planned destruction of society This is sick as hope everyone who condoned this gets his evil karma slapped back at them.

Migos T-Shirt Video

With Migos' Culture album set to be released on the of January, the ATL trapster continue to bless us with their escapades. After sharing the video to