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Happy Day!   Well, it appears that I'm adding "adventures in custom wreaths" to my craziness!  What started as a few close friends asking me...

Awesome deco mesh wreath for the door. Heck, I would put this inside my front door so I would get to look at it all day!

Know your rights!! A Mom's Guide to Public Breastfeeding

Know your rights! A Mom's Guide to Public Breastfeeding. I took the time to read this an totally agree an now know how to react once i start breastfeeding!

How Long Does Frozen Breast Milk Last? #breastfeeding #babies

How Long Does Frozen Breast Milk Last? Also has extra links (ie storage ideas, how to use expired milk, etc)

freaking out about having to go back to work (even if it is once A is 5 mo!) These are helpful/calming reminders of what I know

A great resource to pass on to school teachers in Breastfeeding Class. Teacher Tips For Pumping. Teske Goldsworthy Teske Goldsworthy frazier Lane, save this for later.


What REALLY Happens When You Stop Breastfeeding (hint: you stop breastfeeding but so many beautiful things remain)

Did no tknow this, I thought all fruits were good for breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding diet dos and donts. Great to know for young Moms. Breast feeding was the hardest thing Ive ever done, but one of the thing Im most proud of for sticking it out.

Good parenting, childbirth, nursing blog

Tip for nursing or feeding baby in general. If your baby's hands are clenched tight they aren't done nursing yet, look for soft, open hands while your baby is feeding. When their hands are relaxed it means they are full.

Simple prep, super fun sight word game. This was my students' favorite sight word games of all.

Simple prep, super fun sight word game: 2 sets of sight words. Spread one set out on table. Partner 1 reads a card from other set but doesn't show it. Partner 2 finds that word and picks up card. Partner 1 shows card to check.