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Oz Home Remedies

I'm often asked what remedies I use at home for common ailments, and I wanted to share my 9 favorites with you. Enjoy!

Oz Home Remedies

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Dr. Oz Home Remedy: Damaged Hair

Dr. Oz's Top 9 Home Remedies
  • Mandi Canuteson
    Mandi Canuteson

    Kristin Badgett

  • Mary Hert
    Mary Hert

    Is doing this safe for color treated hair? It won't strip the color will it?

  • Rachelle Flowers
    Rachelle Flowers

    Mary, any oil treatment will strip hair of color quicker. I do oil treatments just before coloring.

  • Mary Hert
    Mary Hert

    Thanks Rachelle :)

  • Djamila Guire
    Djamila Guire


Dr. Oz Home Remedy: Muscle Aches

Dr. Oz's Top 9 Home Remedies
  • Jodi Leamon
    Jodi Leamon

    Who is going to do that? Gross!

  • Charlotte Barnes
    Charlotte Barnes


  • Melody Antonietti
    Melody Antonietti

    this seems nasty

  • Marilyn Rae
    Marilyn Rae

    Ahhhh….Essence of smelly feet - divine!

  • Lisa DeLibertis
    Lisa DeLibertis

    He's not so sure he wants to slather cheese on himself haha

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Dr. Oz Home Remedy: Uneven Skin

Dr. Oz's Top 9 Home Remedies
  • Vivian Khouri
    Vivian Khouri

    Just an Fyi- This is a faulty link: 404 :)

  • Melody Antonietti
    Melody Antonietti


  • Vivian Khouri
    Vivian Khouri

    The link was going to a 404-redirect for a few days there... seems to be back up now

Dr. Oz Home Remedy: Troubled Sleep

Dr. Oz's Top 9 Home Remedies
  • Lisa Shoffner
    Lisa Shoffner

    I need this @ 3:00 am ;(

  • Maria Dutra
    Maria Dutra

    I need this too...

  • Jasmine Riomato
    Jasmine Riomato

    Great sleep is the best beauty remedy! Tart cherry juice is my favorite way to get Melatonin.

Dr. Oz Home Remedy: Brain Freeze

Dr. Oz's Top 9 Home Remedies

Dr. Oz Home Remedy: Sore Throat

Dr. Oz's Top 9 Home Remedies
  • Lori Corby
    Lori Corby

    this is not "his" remedy

  • Brain Fit Now!
    Brain Fit Now!

    Thanks for posting. Many of my students are on multiple medications, having an alternative to OTC is a great option!

Dr. Oz Home Remedy: Back Pain

Dr. Oz's Top 9 Home Remedies
  • Stacy Conley
    Stacy Conley

    Im going to try this, i really need some relief

  • Janisse Ruis
    Janisse Ruis

    Dr Oz you're amazing!

  • Joyce Martinez
    Joyce Martinez

    if you dont follow this doctors directions youre missing out a lot

Dr. Oz Home Remedy: Bloating

Dr. Oz's Top 9 Home Remedies
  • Angela Marie
    Angela Marie

    Dandelion tea for bloating

  • Quantum Health Spa
    Quantum Health Spa

    Dandelion Tea, roots and flowers also flushes cancer cells out of the body through urinary. Very important information to know.

  • Angela Marie
    Angela Marie

    Thanks for the info :)

  • aurora adams
    aurora adams

    Can dandelion tea be found at public

  • Judy Hayes
    Judy Hayes

    got to try this

Dr. Oz Home Remedy: Migraine

Dr. Oz's Top 9 Home Remedies
  • Becky Cosme
    Becky Cosme

    Yes, I shall try this

  • Blanqui Sibrian
    Blanqui Sibrian

    Check this out, Lis Larios