Peanuts - Veterans Day, Nov. 11, 1998. Bill Mauldin, the creator of the popular WW2 comic, Willie and Joe, drew his characters in this strip done by Schulz. To the right, Schulz signed his name and said, "...and my hero" and had Mauldin sign his name.

Peanuts by Charles Schulz, November 11, 1998 Via @GoComics

TLCPL Blog / World War II in Words and Pictures. Our collective memory of World War II is fading away, but it’s preserved in films and books. Among these are the works of two correspondents, writer Ernie Pyle and cartoonist Bill Mauldin, who were influential in shaping the day-to-day impressions that Americans got about GI life.

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"I feel like a fugitive from th' law of averages" -Willie and Joe by Bill Mauldin

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Bill Mauldin's Army: Bill Mauldin's Greatest World War II Cartoons by Bill Mauldin. $13.63. Save 32% Off!. Author: Bill Mauldin. Publisher: Presidio Press (June 1, 1983). Publication Date: June 1, 1983. The foxhole history of the American soldier in World War II, by two-time Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Bill Mauldin. Show More ...


The great WW2 combat cartoonist Bill Mauldin's Pulitzer Prize Winner.

AWON Willie & Joe Page 2

Wiilie and Joe. Bill Mauldin managed a remarkable consistency, considering he did some of his stuff in the field, sometimes with stamp pad ink.

Jean Albano Gallery :: Bill Mauldin

July 13, 1961 Ink, crayon, blue pencil and white out over pencil Not published LC-DIG-ppmsca-03252 (digital copy from original) CD 1 - Mauldin, no. 1664 (B size) Copyright 1961 by Bill Mauldin. Reproduced with Permission of the Estate of William Mauldin.

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Bill Mauldin, Willie and Joe: I need a couple of guys what don't owe me no money for a little routine patrol.

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"Now that ya mention it, it does sound like the patter of rain on a tin roof." ~ Bill Mauldin's 'Willie and Joe' cartoon, Stars and Stripes Newspaper

World War II Story - Hanau, Germany - Chapter 20 - Gallagher

"That can't be no combat man. He's lookin' fer a fight." - By Cartoonist Bill Mauldin in Italy during WWII

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Wait for it...

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Bill Mauldin

Society of Illustrators: Bill Mauldin

Bill Mauldin's Willie and Joe

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Willie & Joe cartoons by Bill Mauldin

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Illustrator: Bill Mauldin

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