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    The Tennis Player’s Valentine ’s Day Date Guide

    The Tennis Player’s Valentine ’s Day Date Guide - Tennis Blog - DoItTennis

    The Ultimate Valentine’s Day tennis Gift Guide

    The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Tennis Gift Guide - Tennis Blog - DoItTennis

    Stretching Basics with Tennis Specific Stretches

    Stretching Basics - Tennis Blog - DoItTennis

    Fun Tennis Workouts to Keep you in shape all year long

    Fun Tennis Workouts - Tennis Blog - DoItTennis

    Tennis Resolutions for the New Year

    Tips Tuesday

    New Tennis Year New Tennis Gear #NY2016 #NYResolutions #TennisLife

    New Tennis Year, New Tennis Gear! - Tennis Blog - DoItTennis

    Sports Illustrated Woman of the Year 1976 and Person of the Year 2015. Has Women's Tennis Fashion Gone Too Far?

    Women's Tennis Fashion

    These tennis products are guaranteed to make any Christmas Merry, because giving the gift of tennis is like giving the gift of health, wellness and better focus. #‎ChristmasGiftIdeas #‎HolidayGifts #‎GiftIdeas #TennisLover #TennisGiftIdeas #TennisGift #Tennis #ILoveTennis

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    Tennis Gift Ideas If you are looking for gift ideas for the tennis player in your life, check out our Gift Guide Section for inspiration and great deals! #‎ChristmasGiftIdeas #‎HolidayGifts #‎GiftIdeas #TennisLover #TennisGiftIdeas #TennisGift #Tennis #ILoveTennis

    The Best Tennis Gift Ideas of 2015 - Tennis Blog - DoItTennis

    Give Them the Gift They Want the Most ‪#‎ChristmasGiftIdeas #‎HolidayGifts #‎GiftIdeas #TennisLover #TennisGiftIdeas #TennisGift #Tennis #ILoveTennis

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    Enjoy your #TurkeyDinner #GuiltFree with these 5 #FatBurningTips! (Spoiler: Tennis may be one of them) #Thanksgiving2015

    5 Quick Tips for Working-Off Your Turkey Dinner - Tennis Blog - DoItTennis

    Which tennis string is right for your racquet?

    Tennis Blog - DoItTennis

    Players like Venus and Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova and Bethanie Mattek have all shown up to the court on one occasion or another wearing a shocking outfit. Where do you draw the line when it comes to tennis apparel and what`s appropriate for a match and what`s not?

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    A Last Minute Christmas Shoppers Lament: "T'was a week before Christmas"

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    If Tennis Racquet Bags Could Talk ~ Oh, the Stories They Would Tell

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    How to Overcome the first Obstacle in Tennis Tennis net credit Anyone who steps on a tennis court will face two direct obstacles; the net and your opponent.  The net should be the first to worry about, but should not be your nemesis.

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    Since I was traveling incognito, I was told to keep quiet and stay under the radar

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    Why Tennis Bags are Great for Commuting to Work

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    Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray’s performances may have helped Head’s brand in a way that might make Sharapova jealous.

    Head Tennis Bags Get Lots Of Air Time At U.S. Open

    Lower the Tennis Nets!! Pickleball's in town

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    When you shell out money for a tennis backboard, you want it to last awhile. That means taking the abuse from balls hitting it thousands of times...

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    UK tennis club gets brand new tennis ball machine with the help of a generous grant!

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    Get your howl on for the divas!

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    Spoil Yourself (and feel good about it, too!)

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    Throw down a slab of cement, paint on some lines, and put up a tennis net; how hard can it be? It sounds easy doesn’t it? But before you grab your paint brush and rake, you need to do your homework, as there are many factors to consider when building a residential tennis court; playing surface, positioning, type of net, grading, excavation, and retaining walls; that’s the short list and doesn’t even scratch the surface. A DIY weekend project? Hmmm, maybe not.

    A DIY Weekend Project