Computer Choices. A list of paid and free sites for great resources which may help generate even better ideas for teaching in a classroom

Free vs Paid online sites for kids. A great resource which may help generate even better ideas for teaching in a classroom or homeschooling via

Opinion Writing Anchor Chart

Ten Pin Linky - Writing Ideas

Anchor chart: Sentence starters for writing opinion pieces (Writer's Workshop Mini-Lesson Idea, mentor text)

Students read a picture book in pairs. After reading they roll a dice and the corresponding number instructs them to apply a certain comprehension strategy - make a text to self connection, retell, determine importance, use questioning, visualizing, infer The set includes one game card for teachers to photocopy for each game. Please see my other free products to download this game for grades 3-6.

This dice game is a fun and interactive way to incorporate HOTS through collaboration. First students read a book with a partner, then after they read, they roll a dice, which has a corresponding number that has them apply a comprehension strategy.


I absolutely hate the quote "If you can do, if you can't, teach." This quote, however, puts that idea to rest.

homophone word wall cards

Homophones - Illustrated Word Wall: This Illustrated Homophone Word Wall set includes. - 47 Word wall cards with pairs of homophones (some triplets too).

What could have happened to these boys? Tell the story.

Brick designs of people children climbing red brick wall, art scripture all of bricks,Awesome brick sculptures by Brad Spencer

Foldable for teaching equivalent fractions

Where was this a month ago when I started teaching equivalent fractions? File it away for next year . Foldable for teaching equivalent fractions

Book Drop for classroom library is a great idea to have in a classroom for the students to drop once they are done reading a book.

I could have a Book Drop for the classroom library.when students finish a book they put it in the book drop. A classroom job could be librarian and that student could put the books away.and check them in if I use that system.

FREE Elementary Poetry Through the Year Collection

FREE Elementary poetry collection (poems to use throughout the year), each with a little learning extension. Nice for Song and Poem Notebooks!