Easy-to-use online software to manage walk-a-thons & pledge events. Give participants the tools they need to succeed! Create personal pledge pages where individuals can upload photos, videos & track progress with a fundraising thermometer. Plus DoJiggy offers numerous FREE walk-a-thon resources including guidelines to help you organize a walk-a-thon, participant tools, walk-a-thon flyer templates, sample pledge sheets, tips to help you promote your event and more.
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How to Organize a Walkathon: Steps to help keep your planning process on track for your walk-a-thon or pledge fundraising event!

A complete set of free walk-a-thon resources, templates, and planning tools. Start with the walk-a-thon software experts to make your walk-a-thon a success.

Color Runs & Fun Runs are the best school fundraisers!

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Free Walk-a-thon Resources: DoJiggy provides numerous walk-a-thon resources to help you plan and manage your peer-to-peer fundraising event. Here you will find a complete walkathon guide with step-by-step instructions for planning your event, sample timeline & planner, "how-to" guidelines, tips to help you secure sponsors, and various templates such as: walkathon pledge forms, flyer templates, sample press release, participant waiver, participant instructions, and more!

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FREE WALKATHON GUIDE!      Download this free guide to help you plan your walkathon or pledge-based event from start to finish.  Topics include: Steps for initial planning and preparation, How to recruit walkers and sponsors, Tips for marketing your walkathon, How to easily manage event details & engage participants using fundraising software, and much more!

The Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida who holds their Annual WINK News Feeds Families Hunger Walk

A school walk-a-thon or Fun Run is a great fundraising idea that not only raises a lot of funds, but promotes health & community.

Learn tips from U. News & World Report about proper exercise for kids which is beneficial to your child’s health and helps fight the child obesity epidemic.

DoJiggy Pledge is an affordable, easy-to-use registration & donation collection system for walk-a-thons and pledge fundraising events.    Participants easily register online and collect donations on a personal fundraising pages with photos, statements and personal goal tracking.  Admins easily manage registrations, sponsors, sales, donation tracking and generate numerous reports.   All for one affordable, flat fee! Sign up for free trial today!

Affordable Crowdfunding software for organizations hosting walk-a-thons and other pledge fundraising events.

Learn how to get sponsors to support a walkathon or pledge fundraising event.

Preparing for your own successful nonprofit fundraising event? Learn how you can get event sponsors to add value and excitement to your fundraiser.