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A Frugal Lawn and Garden

Make your lawn or garden look it's best without spending a fortune.

A Frugal Lawn and Garden

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The right way to drill holes in pottery without breaking them! Great for preparing garden containers.

Drilling Holes in Pottery

The best natural weed killer recipes. These really work for your lawn and garden (and driveway, too!)

Natural Weed Killers

7 Simple Tips to Growing Strawberries

7 Secret Tips for Growing Strawberries

I have an area where I need to get rid of weeds and grass. Round-up can get expensive. Do you have any ideas? I don't have a problem with run-off. Any help would be appreciated.

Weed Removal
  • Jeanne Montgomery
    Jeanne Montgomery

    Vinegar and salt. Spray the mixture on anything you want to kill. It will kill grass, so be careful.

Vertical Gardening - How to grow a lot in small spaces!

Vertical Gardening in Small Spaces

Really cool idea for a compact garden to meet all your produce needs!

Plant a compact vegetable garden

Don't pay for mulch for your lawn or garden. Get it from the neighbors for free!

Chippers, shredders and other ways to dispose of yard waste

Getting Rid of Yard Waste

Organic Weed Control tips that actually work for your yard and garden

Organic Weed Control

Make Room for Melons.- everything you need to know about growing them

Make Room for Melons

20+ Must Grow Herbs for Your Garden

Must-Grow Kitchen Garden Herb Plants – The Ultimate Growing Guide Index

Growing strawberries (Or any plants!) from a gutter hung on the fence

It's still being written...: Gutter Gardening

Here are tips to Stop a Dog from Digging

Digging Dogs

Tutorial for using used K-cup coffee pods to start a garden as seedling containers.

It's Garden Time! Reusing K-Cups Coffee Pods to Start Seeds

Simple Composting How-To

Simple Composting How-To

Clever use for K-cup coffee pods. Use them as seed starters!

It's Garden Time! Reusing K-Cups Coffee Pods to Start Seeds

Here are all the reasons you should Plant a Tree now!

6 Reasons to Plant a Tree

Natural ways to keep dogs out of your flower beds.

Keep Dogs Out of Your Flower Beds Naturally

Repurposing Items for Your Garden: a Great collection of adorable ideas for planters and more! So cute and affordable!

Repurposing Items for Your Garden and Outdoor Living Space

Even without a garden you can benefit from cheap compost -- here's how.

Cheap Composting

Creating a Dream Garden - Even more tips for creating a perfect garden on $100 or less!

If the cost of construction supplies to make raised bed gardens is too much for you, consider using hay bales gardens instead.

How to Make a Hay Bale Raised Bed Garden

Making raised garden beds can get expensive once you factor in all the needed materials. Here is how to have raised beds in your garden for very little or no money.

Raised Garden Beds on the Cheap

Tips for pruning this fall!

Garden Guide to Pruning

What to do in the fall to guarantee your roses will look great next spring!

How to Guarantee Great Roses Next Spring