Having the time to instil frugal habits is not something I take for granted, as I recall how hard both myself and my husband worked in our careers and how many nights we’d both come home exhausted and get a $30 takeaway dinner. Yes we were earning great money – but if we’d had the time to pre-plan meals and shop more strategically we would have saved a lot more, a lot sooner.

10 Ways to Save When Money Is Tight | Money Can Buy Me Happiness


We all experience financial regret at some point. Here are 5 steps to moving past financial mistakes and getting out of regret mode.

Moving Past Financial Mistakes


10 Strategies to help you succeed when you're getting out of debt. These will help you on your journey to becoming debt free. I use them to get out of student loan debt and they will work on any kind of debt. | Financegirl

Strategies To Help You Get Out Of Debt


Living Paycheck to Paycheck- How to Manage Your Money Better For most people, living paycheck to paycheck is a choice, not an inevitability. Click the Pic to discover the 6 most important keys to leaving the paycheck to paycheck life for good! #paychecktopaycheck #money #manage #finances www.cfinancialfre...

Living Paycheck to Paycheck- How to Manage Your Money Better - Celebrating Financial Freedom


Being charged for something you didn't order or don't want? Phantom bills are a big problem. Here's what to do about these unwanted charges.

Phantom Bills


Even if your credit score is low it can be fixed. Here's how to rebuild your credit in five simple steps.

How to Rebuild Your Credit in 5 Steps - Single Moms Income


They're tired of the fight. Is there any hope? Our readers share their tips on staying motivated to continue digging yourself out of debt.

Staying Motivated to Continue Digging Yourself Out of Debt


How We Paid Off $24,000 of Debt in 2015 {On a $30,000 salary}

How We Paid Off $24,000 of Debt in 2015 {On a $30,000 salary} - Living on Fifty


TIPS FOR BUILDING AN EMERGENCY FUND | Building an emergency fund may not be easy, but it is one of the more important steps you can take to take control of your finances.

Ways to Build an Emergency Fund


Should you consider a 401k loan to repay a personal loan? Find the best choice for your situation here.

Should You Consider a 401k Loan to Repay a Personal Loan?


So how do you build and maintain a healthy relationship with money? Here's 6 ways to build a healthy relationship with money.

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We all know that pretty food sells. But, here's a little ugly food 101 course on the benefits of buying ugly food. Your wallet will thank you.

Ugly Food 101


Does it feel impossible to save money since you are just trying to survive until the next paycheck? Check out these 10 ideas to help you get started with your savings.

How to Save Money When You Live Paycheck to Paycheck - "Cents"able Momma


Do you need to get out of debt? Take a look at the Dollar Stretcher's Free Get out of Debt Course!

Get Out of Debt Course


Getting out of debt … 6 Reasons why you are not making progress

Getting out of debt ... 6 Reasons why you are not making progress - One Beautiful Home


Ask yourself: Will More Money Make You Happy?

Will More Money Make You Happy?


40+ Side Hustle Ideas and Tips From The Experts

40+ Expert Tips And Ways To Make Money On The Side


Have you heard of The Rule of 72? If not, you should unless, of course, you enjoy doubling your debt.

The Rule of 72


Why You're Still Paying for Last Christmas...and what to do about it

Why You're Still Paying for Last Christmas and what to do about it


Preventing Online Identity Theft


Is Social Media causing you to spend more? How Facebook can be ruining your budget and tips for spending less online.

Could Social Media Be Causing You to Overspend?


Compound Interest for Poor People

Compound Interest for Poor People


Money-saving Strategies for anyone, anytime -- no matter what age or stage of life you are in! #frugal

9 Saving And Investing Tips For All Ages | Bankrate.com


Need to get out of debt? 5 simple steps to get started right now.

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Minimizing Credit Score Damage from an Overdue Medical Bill | The Dollar Stretcher

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