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#dollchat Tiny Betsy McCall: 2007 Kickits sailor dress on 2008 Ultimate Collection BJD 8in Betsy McCall

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About Tiny Betsy McCall BJD: 2008 Halloween Harvest Ultimate BJD Tiny Betsy McCall

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About Baby Ballerina: Ann Estelle in the new Tonner Patsy tutu. Too too cute!

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About Betsy McCall: Breakfast time Tiny Betsy McCall 2012 Merry Christmas

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#dollchat Linda McCall: The younger cousin of Betsy McCall from 1999 wearing a handmade outfit

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About Ann Estelle and Kerry: The Little Red Hen is Kerrys favorite book. Ann loves it as well and is always pleased when Kerry picks that story to be read at bedtime.

Ann Estelle and Kerry | Tonner Doll Duels

About Ann Estelle and Michael: Ann Estelle and Michael spend a quiet moment together in the garden.

Ann Estelle and Michael | Tonner Doll Duels

Ann Estelle: from the Mary Engelbreit line

Ann Estelle | Tonner Doll Duels

@Charlie Riley's Tuesday Evening: Flexipose Agnes Dreary

Tuesday Evening

Titanic Cami: Platinum Cami wears Roses robe. #dollchat @Sheilah

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About Michael: (from the Mary Engelbreit line)

Michael | Tonner Doll Duels

Linda's Michael and Ann Estelle: Mike and Annie are ready and patiently waiting for their part in the wedding. Such good kids!

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Linda Lenhardt's Flower Girl Ann Estelle: Little Annie is so excited to be flower girl in the wedding. She thinks she is the star!

Flower Girl Ann Estelle | Tonner Doll Duels

Linda Lenhardt's Jr. Bridesmaid Janette: Janette feels like a princess in her yellow satin gown with smocked bodice. She cannot wait for the wedding!

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Linda Lenhardt's Junior Bridesmaid: Betsy and her sister and cousins are in a wedding!

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Linda Lenhardt's Jr Bridesmaid Barbara: Betsys cousin Barbara and their other cousins are in a wedding! All dresses by LinLen.

Jr Bridesmaid Barbara

Linda Lenhardt's Anne of Green Gables: "Janette dressed for Halloween as Anne." #dolls

Anne of Green Gables | Tonner Doll Duels

Linda Lenhardt's About Christmas Bettina: "Tiny Betsy is dressed in her Christmas best." #dolls

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Linda Lenhardt's Janette and Barbara: "All dressed and ready for a rainy day. I made the blue raincoat and boots. Lucky find on the rest." #dolls on

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Linda Lenhardt's April Patterson: From the comic strip #dolls

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