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Love is... Kim Casali

Kim Casali created ‘Love Is…’ back in the late 1960′s when she drew the little pictures as love notes for her husband-to-be, Roberto. Her illustrations were then revealed to the rest of the world when they were first syndicated in 1970. In 1975. Kim picked British Cartoonist Bill Asprey to take on writing and drawing the daily panels for her. This is a Fan Page to share my personal collections or renditions. its not associated with the "Love is..." Artist or its Company.

Love is... Kim Casali

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love is... in training. love is... fostering a dog.

love is... fostering a dog

love is.... made with hearts. Love is... putting hearts into everything. Happy Valentine's Day

love is… the best Treatment --Dedicate to my friend who is fighting breast cancer. Never give up, fight for your family, fight for your future Grandkids... May love help you through. you will win the battle!!

love is... the best Treatment

love is... treating his children like your own. love is... being a great step parent. love is... treating his child & your child equally.

love is... a great step parent

love is... amending their favorite Teddy Bear.

love is... repairing teddy bear

love is...a happy valentine's day, love is... with all my hearts, love is... overloaded just for you

love is... someone who is like an angel to you. love is.. being an angel to him.

my deepest condolences to the "love is..." Cartoonist Mr. Bill Aspery who lost his beloved wife Marcia to her battle with cancer on 12/12/2014. Mr. Aspery has been drawing "love is..." for nearly 40 years under the name of "Kim", His wife was his inspiration... May he take comfort in knowing an angel is watching over him. "love is... not losing a loved one but gaining a guardian angle".

love is... Valentine's Day, Teddy Bear, Kim Casali

love is... a Teddy Bear For Valentine's day

love is... a happy new year, Love is... getting the new year off to a great start. Kim Casali comics

Love is... a Happy New Year, love is... a Lovely new year. Kim Casali comics

love is.... reconciliation with an old friend

meeting an old friend after a long time and feeling that nothing has changed.