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Double Strand Flat Twists - Prep: Damage control, Style: Universal styling creme or humectant, Finish: spray on shine, Tools: elastics Step one: section Step two: take two strands of hair and pick up from base and connect so the hair sits flat on the head

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Cornrows are a style of hair grooming that consists of tight braids, which are to the scalp. These type of braids are an art form started in Africa.

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This is when the cornrow braids are so tiny that it is so hard to see the parts between each braids. Tiny cornrow braids can be done in dif.

Little Girl Natural Hair Pony Tails Braided Cornrows

When it comes to little girls hair braids are a great way to promote hair growth and length retention. Check these 40 gorgeous braids for kids and little girls!

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A Beast with them "halos" 💜💙💣

A Beast with them "halos" 💜💙💣