She’s the epitome of adorable…

WE HAVE TO MAKE THIS GO VIRAL! Pin to your most popular board!<<<<< How can this not go viral! She's the most adorable little girl! <<<< She is beautiful! Look at that smile! :D<<<<<<She is beautiful!

"I hope you live a life you're proud of. If you find that you are not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again" - F. Scott Fitzgerald quote - To Start All Over Again Art Print by Mei Lee

Very long...But worth the read

Worth the read. Made me tear up. U never know when u can change someone's life. <-- i heard this story years ago, and it still makes me tear up just reading it :*) the power of friendship is a beautiful thing

Triple Peanut Butter Cookie Pie - If you love PB, this soft chewy pie is jam-packed with PB Cups PB MMs! I make a bomb cookie cake. This will be amazing!

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Disney quotes, obviously cool.

My favorite one is the Tarzan quote it would make a good mom tattoo! (Even though I don't like tattoos)

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helpful style guide for how to wear necklaces ! The Neckline Cheat Sheet by Charming Charlie

Maybe girls aren't meant to be tamed, maybe they are meant to run wild and free until they find someone to run with

When the death of acclaimed comic actor Robin Williams was released and confirmed, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences tweeted this in honor and remembrance of the late actor.

When the death of acclaimed comic actor Robin Williams was released and…

Not the kind of girl guys fall in love with. Sadly this is true for me. I've never been in love and I'm fairly certain no guy has ever loved me. I'm just waiting for that special someone to enter my life. Waiting is hard.

Marilyn with acting coach #marilyn #acting #beautiful #talent......I hope I get there one day acting is my dream since I was smaller I hope I'm one of the people who get to live it

1947 / by Dave CICERO . The young Marilyn and her first drama teacher, Helena… Compiles a Series of Surveys to Reveal the NEW Plus Size Shopper

101 Dialogues, Sketches and Skits: Instant Theatre for Teens and Tweens

101 Dialogues, Sketches & Skits: Instant Theater for Teens & Tweens is a collection of short theater dialogues that can be performed on the spot. Each dialogue is introduced with suggested interpretat

Browse through these 80 celebrity inspired curly hairstyles for 2015 and update your look for the new fashion season!