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Photos That You Can't Unsee

Photos That You Can't Unsee - I have put this in comedy Value because some of it is funny. more because more of you will see it on this board and you can't miss this!

Why Photoshop Rules

Photoshop used to be a tool for professional graphic designers, but now almost everyone has it for important stuff like this. - Why Photoshop Rules

WTF Japan!?

10 pics of WTF Japan! Sorry, but they need to stop doing things like this for people to stop saying "Wtf Japan" all the time.

8 Beers You Should Never Drink Again

Beers to stop drinking because of GMO's, corn syrup, fish bladders etc. Also a list of the good beers to drink!

Your pizza is here! Nope. Another pizza delivery FAIL.

Your pizza is here! Another pizza delivery FAIL.Funny Pizza Delivery FAILS Could there be anything more tragic than a pizza delivery fail? You were looking forward to it ALL day. No pizza for you.