This is so true... there are so many people going to school to get an education just for the sake of making money. Money can't buy you happiness. It's your passion and attitude towards something that matters

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Face it...Age Happens. This Blog is about Anti aging and being beautiful inside and out..... I will share healthy living tips...anti aging tips...healthy recipes...and a little fashion....I hope you will join me in living a happy healthy beautiful life!!

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I have an obsession over SHORTS ♥ I've been on the hell of Bulimia and several ED stuff, apparently recovered because i no longer support the idea of purging or fasting so this is a healthy progress blog. Height: meters SW: 65 kg CW: 63 kg 63 kg here ...

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you try to reach me but I'm foolish and have too much pride to answer then I wish I would of answered just so I can hear your voice again. I'll keep trying but idk how long I can last I hope you try again. Maybe someday huh autumn?

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