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Her face! XD

When they figured out just how annoying Hermione would have been in real life. I am Hermione.

what if he accidentally turns into a dog in panic? << I accept this headcanon and everything in it.<siriusly accepted

Puh-lease Lily, this is everyone's baby! Raising Harry would have be a Marauder Job.

If James had raised Harry - this is great

OMG this is hilarious. I just love harry and Ginny together so much, every time I read something about them I get butterflies. Excuse me to cry while I think of an alternate world when Harry grew up with parents

Hahahahaha! THIS IS SPARTA. That sums up Gryffindor, unless you're Hermione of course.

Ravenclaw - Knowledge comes first. Slytherin - Knowledge is power. Hufflepuff - Knowledge is gained through hard work. Gryffindor - This is sparta.


Tonks was a Hufflepuff. Your argument is invalid. Did Harry Potter give birth then go fight a Dark Lord? Didn't think so. ((Love this so much, I'd rock the Hufflepuff colors now))

Head cannon accepted

This is why we need a series about the Marauders + company. <-- No, Tonks is a little kid while the Marauders are in school - we just need a 'high points of Hogwarts' series. Random oneshots by JKR starting from Dumbledore's time and going until Tonks'