Les concombres aiment le soleil, Les laitues aiment être dans un endroit frais et ombragé. Avec ce treillis, ils sont des compagnons parfaits! En utilisant ce treillis incliné pour faire pousser vos concombres on profite des zones d'ombres dessous.

Cucumbers like it hot ~~ Lettuce likes it cool and shady. But with a trellis, they're perfect companions! Use a slanted trellis to grow your cucumbers and you’ll enjoy loads of straight, unblemished fruit. Plant lettuce, mesclun, or spinach in the shady a

Totalement FAN de ce porte photos hyper facile à faire et drôlement malin http://www.thecaldwellproject.com/blog/diy-geometric-photo-display

DIY Geometric Photo Display, The Caldwell Project (braided rope, nails/thumb tacks, photos, and clips)

arbre à rouleaux de papier toilette - toilet paper tree

Toilet paper tree for kids bathroom. Lol they'd have the bathroom looking like it was Halloween all year I can picture toilet paper streamers everywhere!

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Zoom sur... Paola Navone

A good transition to flooring in the kitchen. Mixing tile flooring with wood. A fun and creative take on your living space floor!


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