Domingo de cine

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Madrid  ·  Domingo de cine... siempre es un buen plan.
Domingo de cine
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Los críticos que no amaban a las mujeres.

The Little Black Dress: Charlotte, Miranda Carrie and Samantha from Sex in the City always looked fabulous in their little black dresses.

Ataque a los titanes.

I manipulated the anime poster from a new anime called 'Attack on titans' into this wallpaper.Its my first manipulated picture,and its also not so perfe. Attack on titans anime wallpaper

Réquiem por nuestra cultura.

Réquiem por nuestra cultura.

Con la Iglesia hemos topado.

It's always difficult to see new Japanese films when not living in Japan or near one of its Asian neighbor's bootleg markets. For what it's worth, here's the best of Japanese cinema according to APA writer Bryan Hartzheim.