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"La Nuit" d'Alfons Mucha

"The Moon" by Alphonse Mucha.this is exactly what I want for a shoulder tattoo. More Mucha-like swirls in the background though

alphonse mucha tat - if i ever get one, an art nouveau tattoo it will be.

Mucha Girl Tattoo by fabik I like the style; the lines, the shading. It is subtle and bold at the same time.

Tattoo Ideas

legsleeves in process: Purple rose/golden poppies done by Olga Nekrasova (fflowerporn) Moth done by Alice Juno Strawberries/blueberries done by Tracy D Other partial visible tattoos done by Barbara Swingaling and Susanne König (suflanda)

rose tattoo

Love this deep dark coloring [ "Illustrative red rose tattoo on the left inner forearm. Tattoo Artist: Olga Nekrasova I love the dark red.", "The coloring

María Fernández (@mariafernandeztattoo) on Instagram - tattoo artist in Madrid, Spain

Tomorrow is walk in day! Come in and get inked ! Every design is unique and will be tattooed just once.