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    Ocean Art

    Ocean art has the power to inspire people around the world to a greater awareness of our need to preserve our natural world.

    Ocean Art

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    Art under the sea: Australia's Great Barrier Reef hosts gallery - video

    Underwater World / Fiber Art installation by Sayuri

    Deep Sea Creatures? Floating Trash? Nope, Just Fantastic Underwater Sculptures #art #pollution

    What would it be like to swim down through the estimated 100 million tons of trash swirling around in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? Mandy...

    Swiss artist Valérie Buess uses old books to create incredible sculptures that look like corals, sea urchins and other sea life

    Creative Time-lapse video #DiveAgainstDebris #recycling

    Creating Art With Trash To Inspire Change #recycling

    Last day for the Blue Wild Expo at the Convention Center Fort Lauderdale. Huge turn out !

    Spreading the word that we need to save sharks and protect the ocean from devastating marine debris at the DIVE 2012 NEC Birmingham Dive Show.

    Earlier this year Kenna Eco Diving in Spain launched a poster competition to support a campaign aimed at protecting the fragile Mediterranean seagrass Posidonia oceanica. We’re pleased to share with you the winning poster that will be used to raise awareness amongst pleasure boat users about the severe damage caused by careless anchoring

    An octopus, a fish and whale made out of pumpkins - PhotoBlog #Halloween

    The ships moved through the ocean Unaware of all life that moved through its inky depths ~

    Ocean-inspired Halloween pumpkins

    Plastic Bag Creation of the Day: The Slugs of Angers

    Cleopatra's underwater palace, Egypt


    Aquarel #divers

    Aquarelle #divers

    Seahorse made from plastic beach finds brings attention to issue of plastics in the ocean.

    A 36-Foot Tall Whirlwind of Garbage - My Modern Metropolis

    a favorite from illustrator Andrew Bannecker - fun idea and composition again an inventive use of colour palette and texture to break up each element

    Gianna Mitchell - Maui Artist

    Everything You Can Imagine Is Real ~ Pablo Picasso