lemon butter...OH.MY.GOSH! This stuff is awesome! I love it!. So easy to make and it can go on anything! Cakes, scones, toast. I doubled and tripled the recipe, worked fine. the recipe uses grams that translates to 1C sugar and 4T butter. You will love this one.

Lemon butter - 2 lemons, 2 eggs, sugar and butter. Wash & grate lemon peels, then squeeze juice. Whisk all ingredients in top of double boiler and cook over medium - high til mix thickens. Pour in jar and keep in fridge.

Royal Icing Googly Eyes - Make breakfast, lunch and dinner a little spookier with these on the food for Halloween.

You know you want to know!!! How to Make Googly Eyes!

googly eyes - These are so easy to make and cheaper then buying in the store. 1 pack of 24 cost kids love putting these on their ice cream cones, cupcakes and cookies just like local ice cream store does.

Gelatin Bubble Tutorial (cake central)

Step by Step Instructions for making Gelatin Bubbles List of Materials Water Balloons unflavored gelatin forceps or tweezers duct tape.

Pink Champagne Cake

Pink Champagne Cake

Rainbow Gelatin Bubbles (yes, they are edible!)

Wedding Cakes

Rain Showers bring Rainbow Bubbles By: KalliCakes. Gelatin bubbles which have been airbrushed adorn this buttercream textured cake.

Gelatin bubbles

How to make gelatin bubbles. Just in case I ever need to do a mermaid or fish cake! :) Gray Ringler We can make a fish cake for Ayden's birthday!