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Bake something homemade and serve it up for amid-afternoon treat with a cup of her favorite tea. She will love the time together and appreciate the homemade sentiment. (Hint: Try this delicious Lemon Poppy Seed Bundt Cake recipe)

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Raspberry Cream Cheese Pastry (Braid)

<p> +With+a+sweet+cream+cheese+and+raspberry+filling,+this+pastry+braid+is+a+WINNER!+It+only+takes+5+minutes+to+throw+together,+20+(ish)+minutes+to+bake,+and+you+have+a+pretty+looking+and+delicious+tasting+pastry+to+cut+and+share. +The+husband+tells+me+I+can+make+this+…</p>

Yellow Cake Pie with Chocolate Mousse and Berries