Donatella Notarrigo

Donatella Notarrigo

Donatella Notarrigo
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bohemian style can be adopted for different range in sizes of bed even on the bohemian king size are our 20 Bohemian Style Bedroom Interior Designs

Colour is an essential component to any decorating scheme. It grounds a look, providing unity and cohesion. But it also energises us emotionally - having the power to feed the soul and make our hearts soar. With so much riding on it, it's the one area most people justifiably feel a bit nervous about when tackling a decorating project. There's really no need to worry though. Tricia Guild founder of iconic Designers Guild, knows a thing or two about how to use colour to its full effect.

The founder of Designers Guild, Tricia Guild, shares her expert advice for creating a colourful home


Paris collection Rococo armchair in baby blue crushed velvet on a white distressed carved frame from solid walnut.


Purple is a royal color. If your livi ng room comes in the south east part of your house purple sofa is a good option to invite wealth into your home. Use it sparingly though as its a strong color and you don't want to go overboard

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Our gorgeous canary yellow linen drapery is show-stopping in this color-infused room. Create a strong, yet modern color palette by mixing a slight variation of primary colors opting for fuchsia, electric purple, cobalt blue, and canary yellow.