Dog Houses, I'm not kidding! (and dog beds)

I was amazed at how many of us pour time and money into our pets until I remembered how much joy, comfort, and encouragement my dogs, cats, birds, and even the turtles have given back. We also had a worm named Sam as a pet.

Dog Houses, I'm not kidding! (and dog beds)

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  • Barbara Vicens
    Barbara Vicens

    Wow that's one bad ass house!

  • Tasha Patrice
    Tasha Patrice

    How much

Dog bed :)

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Creative dog bed

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  • Tiffani Rivera
    Tiffani Rivera

    This amazing

  • Terri Johnson
    Terri Johnson

    Where do I find this

  • nancy gignac-terry
    nancy gignac-terry

    Did anyone find the plans for this yet?

  • Krista Threadgill
    Krista Threadgill

    Found it! In Germany. For 639 Euros. :)

  • nancy gignac-terry
    nancy gignac-terry

    Thank you. Think I better find the pattern/instructions.

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make it yourself

fotobloo(g): Psia buda

Delightful Dog Houses

BLOG DA ANA KA: Scoobismos - Casinhas de cachorro
  • Eirene

    I need a dog house for Miko!

One Dog One Bone website...

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Chew Proof Dog Crate With Wire Strips

Chew Proof Dog Crate End TableWith Wire Strips

TO DO: Craft an old sweater into a dog bed! How cute is that? This is one gorgeous vintage-look sweater, too!

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  • Debbie Bontrager
    Debbie Bontrager


  • Christine Minnigh
    Christine Minnigh

    Where can I find the instructions for this?

The Barn Dog House

Dog Houses for Sale |
  • Wayne Mause
    Wayne Mause

    This looks like something that I need the barn house I would like to have one with wall in side and heat for cold wether

Have to have it. Precision Outback Savannah Dog House with Porch

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dog house

53 favorite backyard projects

for dogs

Have to have it. Precision Outback Savannah Dog House with Porch
  • Sharon Clifton
    Sharon Clifton

    That doggie's livin' in style! Nice.

  • Donita K. Paul
    Donita K. Paul

    I think the doggie is the cutest part of the picture.

  • Sharon Clifton
    Sharon Clifton


  • Charlee Boyett-Compo
    Charlee Boyett-Compo

    What I'd add is a recyclable waterbowl in there. It would have to be plumbed in and have a heat strip in the winter to keep it from freezing but it would perfect. Oh, and don't forget adding cable so he can watch Animal Planet.

  • Donita K. Paul
    Donita K. Paul

    my mother's dog used to watch animal planet with her

24 Free Dog House Plans: Peaked-Roof, A-Frames, Dog Shelters, Kennels and More! |

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at the elegant hôtel le meurice in paris the dog (and you) get the royal treatment: a personalized engraved dog tag, walks in the tuileries next door, and the use of 'sofa o’, an egg shaped sofa designed by brigitte mettra.

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BowHaus Modern Dog Furniture

Modern Dog Crate Furniture & End Table - BowHaus | DenHaus

tuck me in dog bed

Guest Picks: Man's Best Friend

cupcake dog bed :)

Sweet Cake - Dog Milk


Can Dogs Eat Strawberries? - BunkBlog


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juicy couture dog bed with pillow/ i have to admit our family dog does like to put her head on a pillow or your lap

Latest Sales | ideeli

also comes in pink for the girlies

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also comes in blue for the boys :)

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dog bed from end table

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  • Lisa Blackledge
    Lisa Blackledge

    I love your dog bed ♥♥

animal print beds

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