Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball

A Christmas novella set in a contemporary northern city. Matchmaking wizards introduce people who ought to be interested in each other.
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a christmas flyer with an image of a tablet and the words warm fire, free books
Fall 2013 Author Scavenger Hunt!
The 32 Author Scavenger Hunt begins tomorrow! Are you ready?
two tickets to the christmas ball by donita k paul, book cover design and illustration
Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball Giveaway!
GIVEAWAY: Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball PLUS a piece of fairytale jewelry from the Dragon Lady Shoppe! Hurry and get your entries in! Giveaway ends MIDNIGHT, December 1!
a man kneeling down next to a dog in the snow with people standing around him
My Favourite Time of year - The Florin street Band - Original Christmas Songs
My Favourite Time of Year - The Florin Street Band (New Christmas Song) This video just has the kind of spirit you would find on Sage Street from Two Tickets
there are many dresses on display in the store with price tags attached to their tulle skirts
not an ordinary costume shop.
three red cups filled with french fries on top of a wooden tray
Mexican Fiesta Party Ideas
fried potatoes, sweet or white-get these from the street vendors. Don't forget lime with the chili and salt.
grilled corn on the cob with limes and parmesan cheese
Spicy Grilled Corn
yums. corn on the cob from the street vendors
a hot dog with mustard and onions on it
Dining Out
Street Vendors are Vital
the nut shells are ready to be roasted in the oven for roasting or cooking
Incredible Istanbul
roasted chestnuts sold by street vendors,
a woman holding a paper basket filled with donuts covered in powdered sugar and sprinkled with icing
note to self
things to do on Sage St.- eat street food, try as many foods from food vendors
a city street covered in snow next to shops and buildings with christmas lights on them
Park City, UT
A street that could be in any town. Park City, UT... Main Street Winter
snow is falling on the ground in front of buildings and people walking down the street
A street with a certain mysterious aire. Winter on Baldwin Street, Toronto
a city street covered in snow next to shops and buildings with christmas lights on them
Park City, UT
Main Street Winter/ not an ordinary street
an open window with books on the shelves and lamps above it in front of a green building
Lugares para soñar
Bookshop not your everyday bookshop
there are many books on the shelves in this room
bookshop- not an ordinary bookshop