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Hi babies! Miss you all!!

  • ☼ C l å i r e C l ä r k  ☾
    ☼ C l å i r e C l ä r k ☾


  • ♪Hailey♪

    Hey, Doniya. Its me Hailey if you don't remember. I think thst you, me and Niall would always kik eachother until Niall changed his account

  • ♪Hailey♪

    Oh yeah that wad like 2 years ago so you probably won't remember amd I think some guy named Blake kikked us too

  • Becky and Sarah Brown
    Becky and Sarah Brown

    Do Niall,Harry,Liam,Zyan, Louis, have accounts for pinterest??

  • Andrea

    can you please follow me Doniya?

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This is Us!

  • ʝαмιє♡

    So gorgeous

  • Sarah Whistler
    Sarah Whistler

    I've missed you!!! How have you been babe?x Doniya Malik

  • J Geisler
    J Geisler

    Your so beautiful!

  • noheli

    Hey! How are ya? :) Doniya Malik

  • Sh€£b¥ Styles
    Sh€£b¥ Styles

    I'm awesome and I like cheese!

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Hey girlies! Miss you all! Been busy! Follow my sissy Waliyha Malik :)x miss you girls!!! -Doni

  • CC<3

    Doniya Malik hey i miss u sooooooo much xoxo ♥

  • Andrea

    Can you please follow me?

  • Sarah Whistler
    Sarah Whistler

    Have missed you :/ Hope you remember me ♥

  • Layla

    Plz follow me

  • CC<3

    I MISS U:( u havent been talking anymore in our private board

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Skype - anyone? Haha ill add you just leave your skype name below! Add me DoniyaMalikxx ill be waiting :)

  • Emily MacPherson
    Emily MacPherson

    Mine is Emily.tomlinson.33

  • Emily MacPherson
    Emily MacPherson

    Please Skype me

  • Fatima Aslam
    Fatima Aslam

    Mine is sparkleydiva

  • Fatima Aslam
    Fatima Aslam

    Please skype me

  • Palvisha Malik
    Palvisha Malik

    Doniya? İs this your official account?

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I'm happy for Luke Hemmings and Gemma Styles god bless you both :)

  • I Dare You Toooo 👑
    I Dare You Toooo 👑

    Yay Doniya ur back on!!! How've u been? Hope ur day has been going good!

  • @Self

    Yes doniya god bless america! :) oh I mean lemma yup thats what I meant :p

  • Caitlin Barber
    Caitlin Barber

    Thats a really cute picture♥

  • Luke Hemmings
    Luke Hemmings


  • Sarah Whistler
    Sarah Whistler

    Luke Hemmings Gemma Styles :) yes!

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Hii gemma! :) Gemma Styles

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  • ღ єяιѕα ღ
    ღ єяιѕα ღ

    Doniya Malik how are you babe? I have missed you sooooo muchhhhh

  • I Do Not Obey My Mother
    I Do Not Obey My Mother

    hiiiiiiiiii Doniya Malik

  • Victoria🎀

    Doniya Malik i am happy ur on. I miss ur pins :)

  • Lili ♡ L'Heureux
    Lili ♡ L'Heureux

    Hey Doniya Malik How are you? xx

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Happy birthday niall :)

  • ka$$idy

    Aww :D How are you Doniya?

  • Danya♡ Alkowni∞✔
    Danya♡ Alkowni∞✔

    Yay hes 20

  • Anna Galindo
    Anna Galindo


  • Danya♡ Alkowni∞✔
    Danya♡ Alkowni∞✔

    4 down 1 to go....

  • Faith

    happy b-Day

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My sissy got a Pinterest :) follow her :) Safaa Malik

Safaa/Saffa Malik (@SaffaMalik)
  • Emily

    Done! I really miss you Don. When can we talk again? :( Love you! ♥ Doniya Malik

  • vanni 💬
    vanni 💬

    Done :)

  • ☀︎//emma\\☁︎

    Can someone tag her?

  • Lauren Albensi
    Lauren Albensi

    Safaa Malik

  • ☀︎//emma\\☁︎

    Thank you Lauren

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Happy birthday Liam! You are a man now.

  • Kels

    Doniya Malik we missed you :)

  • CC<3

    Doniya Malik hows it going long time since we talked

  • Sydney Fink
    Sydney Fink

    We missed you Doniya! Xx happy birthday Liam Payne hope it was the best ever! You deserve it! Xx

  • Aris Horan
    Aris Horan

    Doniya Malik can I plz get a follow it would mean the world to me I love ya!!

  • Thea Styles
    Thea Styles

    hai babe... how are you..???

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She's my favorite follower ❤ 😂

  • CC<3

    Doniya Malik hey babe!❤ hows ur day so far?

  • Victoria🎀

    Doniya Malik hiiii how is life?!?! I bet its cool!!! Do u need someone to tlk 2? I am here if u want!!! :) i am friendly!! :D

  • CC<3

    last time we talked was when i had 127 followers now look at me now

  • CC<3


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Perrie Edwards look!!!

  • օℓi۷iɑ ցℛɑʗع
    օℓi۷iɑ ցℛɑʗع


  • օℓi۷iɑ ցℛɑʗع
    օℓi۷iɑ ցℛɑʗع


  • I Dare You Toooo 👑
    I Dare You Toooo 👑

    Hi Doniya Malik I think u accidentally unfollowed me so I was wondering if I could get a re-follow and how should I wear my today? Braid or High-pony!

  • I Dare You Toooo 👑
    I Dare You Toooo 👑

    Comment when u get the chance! Thanks!

  • Giovanna | ❤️
    Giovanna | ❤️

    hey doniya can u please give me a shoutout

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Guys follow Perrie Edwards :)

  • One Direction Fan Board
    One Direction Fan Board

    Will you follow this board

  • @Self


  • Aisa Nikelle
    Aisa Nikelle

    I did and she followed me back! I was freaking out

  • Aisa Nikelle
    Aisa Nikelle

    Doniya Malik

  • Aisa Nikelle
    Aisa Nikelle

    Why did she make a new account? Doniya Malik

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Loves! Follow miss Perrie Edwards haha xxx no she has a new one :) Kacie pin her new one :)

  • Brianna ✌
    Brianna ✌

    hi Doniya Malik !!!! Could you please follow me??? ♥ :)

  • ♥Brielle Myles-Williams♥
    ♥Brielle Myles-Williams♥

    Doniya Malik can you please follow me i love you!

  • Hailey Tilger❤
    Hailey Tilger❤

    Doniya Malik I followed her could please follow me it would mean so much

  • Trish

    Doniya Malik is Zerrie really engaged? I hope so!!!

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EVERYONE go follow liam ❤😘😍❤☺

  • Shelsea Escobar
    Shelsea Escobar


  • Sarah

    Could you follow me please doniya? :) it'd mean Soo much to me!

  • Eliza Paige
    Eliza Paige

    Wait what do you mean you don't know about "that account" is it fake????

  • bri♛

    Because once people made an account to make it look like Liam but it wasn't him. But this account is real.

  • каеlа☻

    Could you please follow me Doniya Malik you are so lucky to be sister in law with Perrie Edwards!!

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Haha this is random but I'm thinking of hacking zayn again to follow directioners :) and someone hacked zayns Accont and said rude things about Taylor and Selena cuz zayn ain't here.

  • c ( ͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    c ( ͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Could you follow my bestie Amber N!!!! It would make her soo happy!!!:)

  • Kristina Marie
    Kristina Marie

    Hey Doniya Malik would you please follow me? It would mean a lot. If not, that's okay too. :) much love. ♥

  • Alex Sievert
    Alex Sievert

    Will you please follow me I love you so** much

  • Sam Modesitt
    Sam Modesitt

    Hey Doniya!! Will you please follow me? It would mean the world to me because you are one of my idols!! ♥ u Doniya Malik

  • ✖Sydney Rose✖
    ✖Sydney Rose✖

    Hey!!!!:) Plz follow me!!!!!!!

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  • Doniya Malik
    Doniya Malik

    Ya zani :)

  • CC<3

    so its the real zayn!

  • CC<3

    yayyyy! im so happy!!! ily doniya for making this happen it would of never happend if it wasnt for u!

  • Sarahhhh

    omg thats soooo cool

  • CC<3

    Doniya Malik how are u love?:)

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Surprise! Zayn Malik Louis Tomlinson Liam Payne got a Pinterest! Follow them up :)!

  • Cecilia Martin
    Cecilia Martin

    Doniya Hussain Malik awesome! Hope they like pinterest:)

  • h a i l e y
    h a i l e y

    Doniya Malik Aahhhhhh!!! Yeh!!

  • Aisa Nikelle
    Aisa Nikelle

    Doniya Malik yayyyyy!!!!

  • Hannah Hegerman
    Hannah Hegerman

    Whoop whoop

  • Sarahhhh

    do you think they will follow me ? Doniya Malik

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I feel like doing a follow spree :)! Well let's see I'm 21 so the first 21 people to comment get a follow! :)

  • ⚯͛ ʝυℓια ∂αтн⚯͛
    ⚯͛ ʝυℓια ∂αтн⚯͛

    im late? but me please

  • Maddie

    Me?:) xx

  • This is her friend
    This is her friend

    Can you please follow me

  • ❁Carissa❁


  • Forever Fia
    Forever Fia

    Please follow me

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You girls should follow Zayn Malik !

  • Zahra Hassan
    Zahra Hassan

    Can someone mention him in the comments cuz I don't know which one he is

  • c ( ͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    c ( ͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Zayn Malik

  • ḉɧríʂϮíɳȁ  ƑųƖƙєrʂṍɲ
    ḉɧríʂϮíɳȁ ƑųƖƙєrʂṍɲ

    Zayn Malik followed me back!! Yay soooo HAPPY!!! He made my life when he did that:) now just got to get Niall Horan Harry Styles Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne to follow me!!lol

  • TeenFaith777 ღ
    TeenFaith777 ღ

    I am!!!!!!!!

  • Destiny ❤️
    Destiny ❤️

    Hey!! Could you please follow me? I know, it's hard getting all these notifications BUT you're so amazing! I love u! Xx

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♥Yes they are Eleanor Calder Lottie Tomlinson Nicole Haas Nicole Sammons Sarah Whistler Sabrina Stypayhorlikson Gabriella Zuccone Sophia Grace Kacie Kels Shelby Hall @Erisa Styles ⭐🍌 Nouran Elemary @Ꭰαnɪεℓℓε ♡ Emily Ghazoul Perrie Edwards ☺

  • Doniya Malik
    Doniya Malik

    Oh nothin! Xx

  • sabrina

    Fun! Go onto our Niall Lover's board! I need to ask you something! :) Xx

  • CC<3

    doniya follow me!!

  • CC<3

    Doniya Hussain malik WHY WONT U FOLLOW ME!!!

  • CC<3

    i mean doniya malik

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  • Zoe Mckenzie Clark
    Zoe Mckenzie Clark

    Doniya, so apparently something is going around that Jade from LM is cutting herself..? Please, tell me this isn't true she doesn't deserve to go through this..

  • // r e g i n a //
    // r e g i n a //

    You are so gorgeous! Have an awesome day!

  • Blue Seas
    Blue Seas

    Which one is ur brothers real account?

  • maddie hammonds
    maddie hammonds

    Hi Doniya. You are so beautiful. Please follow me

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Xx other one :)x

  • // lauren //
    // lauren //

    Doniya Malik hey babe haven't talked in a whole hope all is well (: hmu xx

  • Raymac_2112

    Doniya Malik looking beautiful as always .... how are you love

  • Megan Brown
    Megan Brown

    Oh my gosh, you are like the prettiest person alive.

  • Brooke Hemmings/Clifford
    Brooke Hemmings/Clifford

    So pretty

  • Anastasia Snyder
    Anastasia Snyder

    oh my gravy your gorgeous!!! :)

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Up All Night by One Direction ( sung by Nicole Sammons ) comment what you think!

  • Hannah Hegerman
    Hannah Hegerman

    Nicole Sammons LOOK!!!

  • Lilah ✌
    Lilah ✌

    Doniya Malik YOU'VE GOT 1,000 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicole Sammons✔️
    Nicole Sammons✔️

    Doniya Malik thankyou soooo much

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Don't judge yourself girls!!! You are beautiful! 🌺 All of you :)x

  • Aisa Nikelle
    Aisa Nikelle

    Wait did zayn just make one? Doniya Malik

  • Aisa Nikelle
    Aisa Nikelle

    I'm so confused haha

  • Allie Pickert
    Allie Pickert

    Zayn has one?

  • Aisa Nikelle
    Aisa Nikelle

    I guess so haha

  • Aisa Nikelle
    Aisa Nikelle

    Which one is zayns real account?

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